Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 94



From the Editors-in-Chief: Outstanding article awards and best reviewer awards
Adam Lindgreen, C. Anthony Di Benedetto [Google Scholar]

How to develop great conceptual frameworks for business-to-business marketing
Adam Lindgreen, C. Anthony Di Benedetto, Roderick J. Brodie, Elina Jaakkola [Google Scholar]

How authors really frame a top manuscript
Adam Lindgreen, C. Anthony Di Benedetto [Google Scholar]

From channel integration to platform integration: Capabilities required in hospitality
Varqa Shamsi Bahar, Suvi Nenonen, Richard Granville Starr [Google Scholar]

The deterrence effect of Guanxi on opportunism: The moderating effects of “three institutional pillars”
Zhikun Zhang, Chuang Zhang, Jeanine Chang [Google Scholar]

Distributors’ customer-driving capability under supplier encroachment
Meng Wang, Danyang Zhao, Flora F. Gu [Google Scholar]

The ‘visible hand’ behind cooperation in franchising: A model of franchisor practices that influence cooperation within social networks
Raisa Yakimova, Martin Owens, Susan Freeman [Google Scholar]

How customer knowledge affects exploration: Generating, guiding, and gatekeeping
Antti Sihvonen, Jukka Luoma, Tomas Falk [Google Scholar]

Special Issues

Managing the Worst of all Wastes: Food Waste. Edited BY: Michael Gibbert, Bjoern Sven Ivens

Food waste management in the catering industry: Enablers and interrelationships
Zepeng Wu, Ahmed Mohammed, Irina Harris [Google Scholar]

Special Issues

Innovative Strategic Relationships Among Sustainable Start-Ups. Edited By: Domingo Enrique Ribeiro-Soriano andJuan Pineiro-Chousa

Innovative strategic relationships among sustainable start-ups
Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano, Juan Piñeiro-Chousa [Google Scholar]

CO2 reduction through digital transformation in long-haul transportation: Institutional entrepreneurship to unlock product-service system innovation
Darek M. Haftor, Ricardo Costa Climent [Google Scholar]

Innovation upgrading of local small and medium-sized enterprises and regional innovation policy: An empirical study
Taisuke Matsuzaki, Hidenori Shigeno, Yasushi Ueki, Masatsugu Tsuji [Google Scholar]

Social entrepreneurship orientation: Drivers of success for start-ups and established industrial firms
Jantje Halberstadt, Thomas Niemand, Sascha Kraus, Gadaf Rexhepi, Paul Jones, Norbert Kailer [Google Scholar]

Uncertainty in financing interest rates for startups
Bing Xu, Shenghong Zhang, Xiaohui Chen [Google Scholar]

Special Issues

Managing Open Innovation in Business-to-Business Relationships: A Project-Level Approach. Guest Edited by: Stefan Markovic, Wim Vanhaverbeke, Mehdi Bagherzadeh, Marcel Bogers

Managing business-to-business open innovation: A project-level approach
Stefan Markovic, Mehdi Bagherzadeh, Wim Vanhaverbeke, Marcel Bogers [Google Scholar]

Urban crowdsourcing: Stakeholder selection and dynamic knowledge flows in high and low complexity projects
Nadia Steils, Salwa Hanine, Hanane Rochdane, Siham Hamdani [Google Scholar]

Opening and closing open innovation projects: A contractual perspective
Frano Barbic, Albert Jolink, Eva Niesten, Antonio Hidalgo [Google Scholar]

The up- and downside of collaboration in core and non-core technologies – Selective, contingent, and orchestrated openness in R&D collaborations
Jingshu Du [Google Scholar]

Managing the challenges of business-to-business open innovation in complex projects: A multi-stage process model
Andrei Gurca, Mehdi Bagherzadeh, Stefan Markovic, Nikolina Koporcic [Google Scholar]

The effects of inbound open innovation, outbound open innovation, and team role diversity on open source software project performance
Tanya (Ya) Tang, Gregory J. Fisher, William J. Qualls [Google Scholar]

Commercialization performance of outbound open innovation projects in public research organizations: The roles of innovation potential and organizational capabilities
Sarah Lai-Yin CHEAH, Yuen-Ping HO [Google Scholar]