Packaging Attributes


Timpe Callebaut seeks unpublished manuscripts on packaging


Author: Timpe Callebaut

Dear colleagues,

We are conducting a meta-analysis on the effects of packaging attributes on consumer behavior/perceptions. We would like to ask for your help with gathering published and unpublished studies. We are interested in following topics:

The effect of physical packaging dimensions (size, shape, color, material, weight) on consumer behavior (consumption, purchase intention) and perceptions (healthiness, quality, price, taste, aesthetic experience, liking, content).

We welcome different research designs (e.g. experiments, surveys, panel data, etc.). If you have unfinished or unpublished manuscripts, we would appreciate a copy. The information will be kept confidential and will only be used for inclusion in the meta-analysis (with a reference).

Kindly send all your relevant studies and/or data to us at by the end of April 2021. If you have any questions on whether your study fits in the meta-analysis, please contact us as well.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Timpe Callebaut | PhD candidate KU Leuven
Kathleen Cleeren | Professor KU Leuven
Kelly Geyskens | Associate Professor Maastricht University