Responsible Research in Marketing


Nine articles have been named winners of the AMA-EBSCO Award for Responsible Research in Marketing


Author: ELMAR Moderator

In the wake of an extraordinary year, the American Marketing Association is pleased to announce the second round of recipients of the AMA-EBSCO Annual Award for Responsible Research in Marketing. The nine research groups being recognized this year represent diverse perspectives on how Marketing can can be applied to strengthen delivery of healthcare, aid recovery in the face of trauma, and address social inequality among other business and societal concerns.

The award honors outstanding research that produces both credible and useful knowledge that can be applied to benefit society. A diverse team of scholars with input from dozens of subject matter expert reviewers, selected the winners out of a pool of over 70 nominations. Nominated works needed to be published within a specific window of time and exemplify the Seven Principles of Responsible Research which supports the general notion of “better marketing for a better world.”

Read the full article with the nine papers here.