Finding Literature


Vivek Astvansh seeks to determine how students and faculty identify literature articles on a topic


Author: Vivek Astvansh

Dear Marketing Researchers:

I am emailing to determine how students and faculty identify articles (literature) on a topic (e.g., consumer search, product recall, marketing-finance interface). (I would then see whether I can automate the search and download.) Please consider answering the questions below.

I will use your answers and create a video on arguably the most effective and efficient way to search for and download PDF files of articles on a topic. I would like to believe that the video would be helpful for students and faculty.

To search for and download articles on a topic:

  1. Do you use a website? If yes, weblink, please (e.g., Advanced search in Google Scholar,
  2. Do you use a database within this website (e.g., Business Source Complete database within provided by your school/university library)?
  3. What search field(s) do you use (e.g., author-supplied keyword in Business Source Complete; “Return articles published in” in Google Scholar)?
  4. If you have found a neat method that improves your search results, please specify the method (e.g., use quotation marks).
  5. If you have found a method that provides inaccurate search results (e.g., although one sets “Return articles published in” to “Journal of Marketing,” the results include articles published in JMR).


Vivek Astvansh
Assistant Professor of Marketing,
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University | +1 (812) 855-8953