Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 33(4)


The effects of customer involvement on perceived service performance and word-of-mouth: the mediating role of service co-creation
Millissa Fung Yi Cheung, Wai Ming To [Google Scholar]

Impulse buying in social commerce: bundle offer, top reviews, and emotional intelligence
Abaid Ullah Zafar, Jiangnan Qiu, Mohsin Shahzad, Jie Shen, Tahseen Ahmed Bhutto, Muhammad Irfan [Google Scholar]

Sustainable plastic clothing and brand luxury: a discussion of contradictory consumer behaviour
Ken Kumagai [Google Scholar]

The matching effect of anthropomorphized brand roles and product messaging on product attitude
Yuanqiong He, Qi Zhou, Shuojia Guo, Jie Xiong [Google Scholar]

Brand experience and brand loyalty: is it a matter of emotions?
Rania B. Mostafa, Tamara Kasamani [Google Scholar]

The drivers of desirability in scarcity marketing
Tser Yieth Chen, Tsai Lien Yeh, Ya Jou Wang [Google Scholar]

“Income vs. education” revisited – the roles of “family face” and gender in Chinese consumers’ luxury consumption
Tingting Mo [Google Scholar]

Understanding mobile payment continuance usage in physical store through social impact theory and trust transfer
Yonathan Dri Handarkho [Google Scholar]

Smartphone use and travel companions’ relationship
Wee Kheng Tan, Kuan-Ju Lu [Google Scholar]

The effectiveness of perceived social support in discount stores in Korea
Chanho Song, Haakon T. Brown, Rahmatullah Rami Tameez [Google Scholar]