J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 52(3)




Dealing with dynamic endogeneity in international business research
Jiatao Li, Haoyuan Ding, Yichuan Hu, Guoguang Wan [Google Scholar]

Chief marketing officers’ discretion and firms’ internationalization: An empirical investigation
V. Kumar, Sourav Bikash Borah, Amalesh Sharma, Laxminarayana Yashaswy Akella [Google Scholar]

Multinationality, portfolio diversification, and asymmetric MNE performance: The moderating role of real options awareness
Sophocles P. Ioulianou, Michael J. Leiblein, Lenos Trigeorgis [Google Scholar]

Control changes in multinational corporations: Adjusting control approaches in practice
Emma Stendahl, Svante Schriber, Esther Tippmann [Google Scholar]

The influence of expatriate cultural intelligence on organizational embeddedness and knowledge sharing: The moderating effects of host country context
Sebastian Stoermer, Samuel Davies, Fabian Jintae Froese [Google Scholar]

Foreign investor reactions to risk and uncertainty in antitrust: U.S. merger policy investigations and the deterrence of foreign acquirer presence
Joseph A. Clougherty, Nan Zhang [Google Scholar]

Whole country-of-origin network development abroad
John P Berns, Maria Gondo, Christian Sellar [Google Scholar]

No place like home: The effect of exporting to the country of origin on the financial performance of immigrant-owned SMEs
Horatio M. Morgan, Sui Sui, Shavin Malhotra [Google Scholar]

Are firms with foreign CEOs better citizens? A study of the impact of CEO foreignness on corporate social performance
Olivier Bertrand, Marie-Ann Betschinger, Caterina Moschieri [Google Scholar]