J Global Fash Mar


Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 12(2)


Examining the role of luxury elements on social media engagement
Van Chien Duong & Billy Sung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Between you and me: The effects of content ephemerality and the role of social value orientation in luxury brands’ social media communication
Heejin Lim, Michelle Childs, Leslie Cuevas & Jewon Lyu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An explorative study and comparison between companies’ and customers’ perspectives in the sustainable fashion industry
Henny Puspita & Heeju Chae [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Actual versus ideal self: An examination of the impact of fashion self congruence on consumer’s fashion consciousness and status consumption tendencies
Harsandaldeep Kaur & Sahiba Anand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of gender on willingness to pay for mass customised running shoes
Hassan Daronkola Kalantari, Lester W Johnson & Chamila R. Perera [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


What fashion startups should know before launching Crowdfunding projects: Focusing on Wadiz reward Crowdfunding
Jisu Ko & Eunju Ko [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chinese Abstracts

Chinese Abstracts: Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, Volume 12, Issue 2 (2021)
Sarah Ablett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]