J Con Affairs


Journal of Consumer Affairs, 55(1)



Special Section: Consumer Affairs in Subsistence Marketplaces

Introduction to the special section on subsistence marketplaces
Madhubalan Viswanathan, Ronika Chakrabarti, Paul Ingenbleek, Srinivas Venugopal [Google Scholar]

Consumer well‐being and social responsibility of subsistence entrepreneurs in subsistence marketplace
Fara Azmat, Ramanie Samaratunge, Ahmed Ferdous [Google Scholar]

The institutional work of a social enterprise operating in a subsistence marketplace: Using the business model as a market‐shaping tool
Hussein Faruque Aly, Prof. Katy Mason, Dr Winfred Onyas [Google Scholar]

Quality‐of‐life as chronotopefication and futurization: Subsistence consumer experiences in India
Sujit Raghunathrao Jagadale, Himadri Roy‐Chaudhuri, Djavlonbek Kadirov [Google Scholar]

Extreme exclusion and relative deprivation in subsistence marketplaces: A study in a refugee settlement in Nakivale, Uganda
Madhubalan Viswanathan, Robert Alfonso Arias, Arun Sreekumar [Google Scholar]

Envisioning a community‐centric approach to impact assessments in subsistence marketplaces
Srinivas Venugopal [Google Scholar]

Why art matters: Artistic consumer‐entrepreneurship in subsistence marketplaces
Ronika Chakrabarti [Google Scholar]

Unequal but essential: How subsistence consumer–entrepreneurs negotiate unprecedented shock with extraordinary resilience during COVID‐19
Madhubalan Viswanathan, Hussein Faruque Aly, Ronald Duncan, Namrata Mandhan [Google Scholar]

Marketplace literacy education and coping behaviors among subsistence consumer–entrepreneurs during demonetization in India
Madhubalan Viswanathan, Saravana Jaikumar, Arun Sreekumar, Shantanu Dutta [Google Scholar]


U.S. health insurance marketplace taxonomy and the influence of labeling on consumer perception of plan suitability
Christopher Hickey, Derek T. Tharp [Google Scholar]

Acquisition mode and credit card overspending behavior: An empirical analysis of the credit card industry
Yaxin Ming, Chenxi Li, Jing (Elaine) Chen [Google Scholar]

Building toward a solid foundation: The effect of thinking concretely about the future
Stacie F. Waites, Adam Farmer, Carol L. Esmark Jones [Google Scholar]

Exploring the effects of for‐profit and nonprofit size congruency: An exchange perspective on cause‐related marketing
Anne Hamby, Niusha Jones, Guohong Yu [Google Scholar]

Five decades of the Journal of Consumer Affairs: A bibliometric analysis
H. Kent Baker, Satish Kumar, Nitesh Pandey [Google Scholar]

Is bank staff interaction associated with customer saving behavior in banks?
Julie Birkenmaier, Qiang John Fu [Google Scholar]