Psych Mar


Psychology and Marketing, 38(4)


“I Like Your Suggestion!” the role of humanlikeness and parasocial relationship on the website versus voice shopper’s perception of recommendations
Claire Whang, Hyunjoo Im [Google Scholar]

From to How Alexa is redefining companionship and interdependence for people with special needs
Zahy Ramadan, Maya F. Farah, Lea El Essrawi [Google Scholar]

Behavioral and neural evidence on consumer responses to human doctors and medical artificial intelligence
Jin Ho Yun, Eun‐Ju Lee, Dong Hyun Kim [Google Scholar]

Alexa, she’s not human but… Unveiling the drivers of consumers’ trust in voice‐based artificial intelligence
Valentina Pitardi, Hannah R. Marriott [Google Scholar]

Role of cognitive absorption in building user trust and experience
Janarthanan Balakrishnan, Yogesh K. Dwivedi [Google Scholar]

Understanding the potential adoption of autonomous vehicles in China: The perspective of behavioral reasoning theory
Youlin Huang, Lixian Qian [Google Scholar]

The adoption of AI service robots: A comparison between credence and experience service settings
Sungjun S. Park, ChunTing D. Tung, Heejung Lee [Google Scholar]