Building a Strong Publication Record


DocSIG conversations with productive researchers


Author: Mehrnoosh Reshadi

What does it take to build a strong publication record over the years?

The academic world has long wondered about the factors that lead some research scholars to publish prolifically in the top journals in marketing. Especially intriguing is the consistency of a select few research scholars who rank at the top of the most productive researchers in marketing, year after year. Is there a secret formula? If yes, what is it?

AMA DocSIG reached out to the top 5 researchers in the Author Research Productivity List for Premier AMA and Premier Marketing Journals (2011 – 2020) to learn more about their productivity and consistent presence in the Most Published lists.

If you would d like to learn more about the questions asked above, click on our article below and read the full report of our conversation with these world-class authors!…/insights-from-the-top-ranking…/