J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 30(2)



Consumer responses to strategic customer extensions
Kimberley D. Preiksaitis, Peter A. Dacin [Google Scholar]

From fandom to fad: are millennials really engaged with and loyal to their loved brands on social media?
Teresa Fernandes, Inês Inverneiro [Google Scholar]

Pseudo-ownership advertising appeal creates brand psychological ownership: the role of self-construal and customer type
Yan Kou, Samart Powpaka [Google Scholar]

What’s in a name? Scent brand names, olfactory imagery, and purchase intention
Hua (Meg) Meng, César Zamudio, Robert D. Jewell [Google Scholar]

The role of marketing and product design in driving firm’s performance
Mónica Canto Primo, Irene Gil-Saura, Marta Frasquet-Deltoro [Google Scholar]

Migration intentions: a sign of a weak nation brand? A multi-group analysis between China and Pakistan
Salman Yousaf, Mohammad Zubair Tauni, Fan Xiucheng [Google Scholar]

Co-production or DIY: an analytical model of consumer choice and social preferences
Rambod Dargahi, Aidin Namin, Seth Ketron [Google Scholar]

The red packet interaction and brand attitude in the brand communities on WeChat
Guowei Zhu, Yaru Liu, Li Zhou [Google Scholar]

Challenges of corporate brand building and management in a state owned enterprise
Justine Alexandra Cullinan, Russell Abratt, Michela Mingione [Google Scholar]

Market orientation, brand management processes and brand performance
Pramod Iyer, Arezoo Davari, Saurabh Srivastava, Audhesh K. Paswan [Google Scholar]