J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 127



Institutions and venture capital market creation: The case of an emerging market
Carla V. Bustamante, Santiago Mingo, Sharon F. Matusik [Google Scholar]

How less congruent new products drive brand engagement: The role of curiosity
Maximilian H.E.E. Gerrath, Alessandro Biraglia [Google Scholar]

Organizational performance as a set of four dimensions: An empirical analysis
P. Maik Hamann, Frank Schiemann [Google Scholar]

A capability pathway to subjective economic well-being: Looking beyond materialism
Rajesh Nanarpuzha, Ankur Sarin [Google Scholar]

Indigenous entrepreneurship: Insights from Chile and New Zealand
Wayne G. Macpherson, Alexei Tretiakov, Jason P. Mika, Christian Felzensztein [Google Scholar]

Business model innovation at the bottom of the pyramid – A case of mobile money agents
Nkemdilim Iheanachor, Yinka David-West, Immanuel Ovemeso Umukoro [Google Scholar]

The impact of firm-level and project-level it capabilities on CRM system quality and organizational productivity
Samppa Suoniemi, Harri Terho, Alex Zablah, Rami Olkkonen, Detmar W. Straub [Google Scholar]

Creating value by giving away: A typology of different innovation revealing strategies
Rui Torres de Oliveira, Martie-Louise Verreynne, John Steen, Marta Indulska [Google Scholar]

Sharing economy platforms: An equity theory perspective on reciprocity and commitment
Dinara Davlembayeva, Savvas Papagiannidis, Eleftherios Alamanos [Google Scholar]

Minimalism in consumption: A typology and brand engagement strategies
Aniruddha Pangarkar, Paurav Shukla, Charles R. “Ray” Taylor [Google Scholar]

Nominated procurement and the indirect control of nominated sub-suppliers: Evidence from the Sri Lankan apparel supply chain
Enrico Fontana, Christina Öberg, León Poblete [Google Scholar]

Customer comeback: Empirical insights into the drivers and value of returning customers
Matthijs Meire [Google Scholar]

Green lies and their effect on intention to invest
Lucia Gatti, Marta Pizzetti, Peter Seele [Google Scholar]

The effect of ending disclosure on the persuasiveness of narrative PSAs
Davide C. Orazi, Jing Lei, Liliana L. Bove [Google Scholar]

Communicating crowdfunding campaigns: How message strategy, vivid media use and product type influence campaign success
Wondwesen Tafesse [Google Scholar]

New inter-organizational knowledge tie formation after firm relocation: Investigating the impact of spatial, relational, and temporal context
Melda Atakhan-Kenneweg, Leon A.G. Oerlemans, Jörg Raab [Google Scholar]

Boundary-spanning search and sustainable competitive advantage: The mediating roles of exploratory and exploitative innovations
Miaomiao Yang, Juanru Wang, Xiaodi Zhang [Google Scholar]

Art projects as transformative services to integrate refugees
Hellen Gross, Nicole Schwarz, Stefanie Cramer von Clausbruch, Katharina Hary [Google Scholar]

Corrigendum to “Clothes make the leader! How leaders can use attire to impact followers’ perceptions of charisma and approval” [J. Bus. Res. 124 (2021) 86–99]
Thomas Maran, Simon Liegl, Sebastian Moder, Sascha Kraus, Marco Furtner [Google Scholar]

AI-enabled business-model innovation and transformation in industrial ecosystems: A framework, model and outline for further research
Thommie Burström, Vinit Parida, Tom Lahti, Joakim Wincent [Google Scholar]

Issues on Technology, information, and marketing that affect an interconnected world. Edited by: Kun Huang Huarng, Dolores Botella-Carrubi, Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano

Role of customers in circular business models
Rana Mostaghel, Koteshwar Chirumalla [Google Scholar]

Mobile Applications. Edited by: John Dinsmore, Kunal Swani, Kendall Goodrich and Umut Konus

Role of group cohesiveness in targeted mobile promotions
Reetika Gupta, Sourjo Mukherjee, Kasthuri Jayarajah [Google Scholar]

Switching decision, timing, and app performance: An empirical analysis of mobile app developers’ switching behavior between monetization strategies
Young-Jin Lee, Hossein Ghasemkhani, Karen Xie, Yong Tan [Google Scholar]

Dark side of business-to-business (B2B) relationships. Edited By: Piyush Sharma, Russel PJKingshott, Tak YanLeung, Ashish Malik

Exploring the dark side of third-party certification effect in B2B relationships: A professional financial services perspective
Louis T.W. Cheng, Piyush Sharma, Jianfu Shen, Allen C.C. Ng [Google Scholar]

When supplier development initiatives fail: Identifying the causes of opportunism and unexpected outcomes
Phuong Nguyen Thu Tran, Matthew Gorton, Fred Lemke [Google Scholar]

Retailing and Emergent Technologies. Edited by: Dhruv Grewal, Gopal Das, James Agarwal, Mark T. Spence, Dinesh Gauri

A cross-category analysis of dispositional drivers of technology adoption
Mark Ratchford, Brian T. Ratchford [Google Scholar]

Online daily coupons: Understanding how prepayment impacts spending at redemption
Ali Besharat, Gia Nardini, Anne L. Roggeveen [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Childhood Experiences in Adulthood: Implications for Business Activity and Research. Edited By: Zhiming Cheng, Youqing Fan, Zhou Jiang, Russell Smyth, Massimiliano Tani, Ben Zhe Wang.

Education and consumption: Evidence from migrants in Chinese cities
Zhiming Cheng [Google Scholar]


The effects of knowledge integration and contextual ambidexterity on innovation in entrepreneurial ventures
Joseph Amankwah-Amoah, Samuel Adomako [Google Scholar]

Emergence in service research: conceptualization and business implications. Edited By: EVERT GUMMESSON, CRISTINA MELE, FRANCESCO POLESE

Emergence and phase transitions in service ecosystems
Francesco Polese, Adrian Payne, Pennie Frow, Debora Sarno, Suvi Nenonen [Google Scholar]

Corruptive Practices, Digitalization, and International Business. Edited by: Pervez Ghauri, Vikas Kumar, Jeoung Yul Lee, Byung Il Park

Use of microblogging platform for digital communication in politics
Justin Paul, Nakul Parameswar, Mohit Sindhani, Sanjay Dhir [Google Scholar]

Extending the Resource and Knowledge Based View: Insights from New Contexts of Analysis. Edited BY: Sir Cary Cooper, Vijay P Pereira, Demetris Vrontis, Yipeng Liu

Dynamic familiness capabilities and family business growth: A longitudinal perspective framed within management accounting
Loukas Glyptis, Elias Hadjielias, Michael Christofi, Olga Kvasova, Demetris Vrontis [Google Scholar]

Business Research in Latin America Edited By: Sergio Olavarrieta andDavid David

The strong need for extended research and replications in Latin American and emerging markets
Sergio Olavarrieta, David Diaz [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurship and subjective well-being: Does the motivation to start-up a firm matter?
José Ernesto Amorós, Oscar Cristi, Wim Naudé [Google Scholar]

Firm value and pyramidal structures: New evidence for family firms
Mauricio Jara, Félix J. López-Iturriaga, Juan Pablo Torres [Google Scholar]

Determinants of art prices and performance by movements: Long-run evidence from an emerging market
Urbi Garay [Google Scholar]

What you say and how you say it: Information disclosure in Latin American firms
Maximiliano González, Alexander Guzmán, Diego Fernando Téllez, María Andrea Trujillo [Google Scholar]

Predicting customer value per product: From RFM to RFM/P
Rodrigo Heldt, Cleo Schmitt Silveira, Fernando Bins Luce [Google Scholar]

Determinants of football TV audience: The straight and ancillary effects of the presence of the local team on the FIFA world cup
Rodrigo Uribe, Cristian Buzeta, Enrique Manzur, Isabel Alvarez [Google Scholar]

A systemic and strategic approach for training needs analysis for the International Bank
Jorge Cotes, Sebastian M. Ugarte [Google Scholar]

The dynamics of wine tourism adoption in Chile
Juan Pablo Torres, Jose Ignacio Barrera, Martin Kunc, Steve Charters [Google Scholar]