Service Bus


Service Business, 15(1)


Challenge or opportunity? A case of tire rental servitization from financial and channel perspectives
Myungjin Hyun, Jieun Kim [Google Scholar]

Service production in high captivity service firms
Erim Ergene, Bruce Skaggs, Inigo Echeveste [Google Scholar]

The role of customers in the gig economy: how perceptions of working conditions and service quality influence the use and recommendation of food delivery services
Daniel Belanche, Luis V. Casaló, Carlos Flavián, Alfredo Pérez-Rueda [Google Scholar]

The path from role clarity to job satisfaction: natural acting and the moderating impact of perceived fairness of compensation in services
Miri Chung, Young-Hye Jang, Steven A. Edelson [Google Scholar]

Segmenting customers according to online word-of-mouth about hotels
Beatriz Moliner-Velázquez, Maria Fuentes-Blasco, Irene Gil-Saura [Google Scholar]

Why do individuals word-of-mouth destinations they never visited?
Wee-Kheng Tan, Ching-Hsiang Lin [Google Scholar]

Stakeholder sentiment in service supply chains: big data meets agenda-setting theory
Ray Qing Cao, Dara G. Schniederjans, Vicky Ching Gu [Google Scholar]

Product-service systems evolution in the era of Industry 4.0
Paolo Gaiardelli, Giuditta Pezzotta, Alice Rondini, David Romero, Farnaz Jarrahi, Marco Bertoni, Stefan Wiesner, Thorsten Wuest, Tobias Larsson, Mohamed Zaki, Philipp Jussen, Xavier Boucher, Ali Z. Bigdeli, Sergio Cavalieri [Google Scholar]