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Journal of Marketing Education, 43(1)


Editor’s Corner

Educational Scholarship: Looking Forward While Casting Backward
Victoria L. Crittenden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing Student Perceptions of Academic Program Quality and Relationships to Surface, Deep, and Strategic Learning Approaches
William T. Faranda, Theresa B. Clarke, and Irvine Clarke, III [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Use and Value of Badges: Leveraging Salesforce Trailhead Badges for Marketing Technology Education
William Humphrey, Jr., Debbie Laverie, and Caroline Muñoz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Addressing Online Behavioral Advertising and Privacy Implications: A Comparison of Passive Versus Active Learning Approaches
Lauren I. Labrecque, Ereni Markos, and Aron Darmody [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Achieving Scaled and Sustained Use of Client-Based Projects in Business School Marketing Education: A Proposed Suprastructure
Doreen E. Shanahan, Lynda H. Palmer, and Jim Salas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Use of Interest-Inventory Measurements in Marketing Education: Improving MBA Student Team Effectiveness
Russell Lemken and Judy A. Siguaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the Effects of Encouraging Student Performance With Text Assignment Reminders
William Humphrey, Jr., Debbie Laverie, and Alison Shields [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Academic Response-to-Failure Scale: Predicting and Increasing Academic Persistence Post-Failure
Yael Zemack-Rugar, Canan Corus, and David Brinberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does That A Really Make Up for the C? Student Reaction to Above- and Below-Average Grades
David S. Ackerman and Jing Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]