J Fashion Mar Man


Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 25(1)



Going green? How skepticism and information transparency influence consumers’ brand evaluations for familiar and unfamiliar brands
Gargi Bhaduri, Lauren Copeland [Google Scholar]

A brave new world: embracing sexuality in advertising for apparel
Elika Kordrostami, Melika Kordrostami [Google Scholar]

Personality traits and social media as drivers of word-of-mouth towards sustainable fashion
Suha Fouad Salem, Alshaimaa Bahagat Alanadoly [Google Scholar]

Managerial and Industry 4.0 solutions for fashion supply chains
Marcello Braglia, Leonardo Marrazzini, Luca Padellini, Rinaldo Rinaldi [Google Scholar]

Analysing trademark and social media in the fashion industry: tools that impact performance and internationalization for SMEs
Laura Rienda, Lorena Ruiz-Fernández, Lindsey Carey [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ acceptance and diffusion of word-of-mouth in social brand community: the moderating effect of self-monitoring
Hanna Lee, Sun-Jin Hwang [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ adoption of AR-based virtual fitting rooms: from the perspective of theory of interactive media effects
Hanna Lee, Yingjiao Xu, Anne Porterfield [Google Scholar]

Co-location of R&D and production in fashion industry
Denada Lica, Eleonora Di Maria, Valentina De Marchi [Google Scholar]

Are negative and positive reviews regarding apparel fit influential?
Eonyou Shin, Telin Chung, Mary Lynn Damhorst [Google Scholar]

Millennials’ purchasing behavior toward fashion clothing brands: influence of brand awareness and brand schematicity
Muhammad Sabbir Rahman, Md Afnan Hossain, Mohammad Tayeenul Hoque, Md Rifayat Islam Rushan, Mohammad Iftekhar Rahman [Google Scholar]