J Econ Psych


Journal of Economic Psychology, 83



Making the carbon basket count: Goal setting promotes sustainable consumption in a simulated online supermarket
Ayşegül Kanay, Denis Hilton, Laetitia Charalambides, Jean-Baptiste Corrégé, Eva Inaudi, Laurent Waroquier, Stéphane Cézéra [Google Scholar]

The value of being precise
Ning Du, David V. Budescu [Google Scholar]

Less cheating? The effects of prefilled forms on compliance behavior
Martin Fochmann, Nadja Müller, Michael Overesch [Google Scholar]

Gender differences in willingness to compete: The role of public observability
Thomas Buser, Eva Ranehill, Roel van Veldhuizen [Google Scholar]

Do what (you think) the rich will do: Inequality and belief heterogeneity in public good provision
Andrea F.M. Martinangeli [Google Scholar]

Replication studies

Revisiting “money illusion”: Replication and extension of Shafir, Diamond, and Tversky (1997)
Ignazio Ziano, Jie Li, Shue Man Tsun, Hoi Ching Lei, Anvita Anil Kamath, Bo Ley Cheng, Gilad Feldman [Google Scholar]

Revisiting Tversky and Shafir’s (1992) Disjunction Effect with an extension comparing between and within subject designs
Ignazio Ziano, Man Fai Kong, Hong Joo Kim, Chit Yu Liu, Sze Chai Wong, Bo Ley Cheng, Gilad Feldman [Google Scholar]

Emotional well-being and unemployment – Evidence from the American time-use survey
Thi Truong An Hoang, Andreas Knabe [Google Scholar]