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Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 36(1)


David Gotteland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

More value for more satisfaction? The moderating role of the consumer’s accumulation of experience
Laurent Maubisson and Arnaud Riviere [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand conversation: Linguistic practices on social media in the light of face-work theory
Andria Andriuzzi and Géraldine Michel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New Perspectives

Subjectivity and reflexivity: The contributions of countertransference to interpretative research
Stéphane Borraz, Valérie Zeitoun, and Delphine Dion [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

35th special anniversary section

The challenges of positioning a national academic journal. The case of Recherche et Applications en Marketing
Joël Brée [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Putting the anthropos back in consumer research: Beyond reductionisms
Søren Askegaard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]