J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 126



Uncovering the effects of textual features on trustworthiness of online consumer reviews: A computational-experimental approach
Guanxiong Huang, Hai Liang [Google Scholar]

Crafting the customer experience in omnichannel contexts: The role of channel integration
Wei Gao, Hua Fan, Wenqian Li, Huiling Wang [Google Scholar]

Look! don’t let it weigh you down: The effect of visual density on perceived product heaviness and evaluation
Yuna Choe, Youseok Lee, Haipeng (Allan) Chen, Sang-Hoon Kim [Google Scholar]

Order matters: How altering the sequence of performance events shapes perceived quality formation
Owen Parker, Ke Gong, Rachel Mui, Varkey Titus, Jiancheng Du, Gyebi Kwarteng [Google Scholar]

Time to say goodbye: The impact of anthropomorphism on selling prices of used products
Junhee Kim, Srinivasan Swaminathan [Google Scholar]

The value of marketing innovation: Market-driven versus market-driving
Tanya (Ya) Tang, Shaoling (Katee) Zhang, Jianping Peng [Google Scholar]

Is it an error to communicate CSR Strategies? Neural differences among consumers when processing CSR messages
Carlos Alberto Guerrero Medina, Myriam Martínez-Fiestas, Luis Alberto Casado Aranda, Juan Sánchez-Fernández [Google Scholar]

Investigating the impact of perceived nonprofit sponsorship engagement on prosocial behavior
Iris K.L. Goh, Ravi Pappu, P. Monica Chien [Google Scholar]

The joint influence of CEO succession types and CEO-TMT faultline on firm’s strategic change
Yue Zhang, Oluremi B. Ayoko, Qiaozhuan Liang [Google Scholar]

Is the push by female employees for family-friendly practices context-dependent? Comparative evidence from Sweden, Poland and Germany
Jasmin Joecks, Anna Kurowska, Kerstin Pull [Google Scholar]

Longer waiting, more cancellation? Empirical evidence from an on-demand service platform
Xun Xu, Nina Yan, Tingting Tong [Google Scholar]

The chicken or the egg: The reciprocal relationship between job insecurity and mental health complaints
Yannick Griep, Alexandra Lukic, Johannes M. Kraak, Sergio Andrés López Bohle, Lixin Jiang, Tinne Vander Elst, Hans De Witte [Google Scholar]

Cultural imprints: Emerging market multinationals’ post-acquisition corporate social performance
Ru-Shiun Liou, Nai H. Lamb, Kevin Lee [Google Scholar]

Aww effect: Engaging consumers in “non-cute” prosocial initiatives with cuteness
Joongwon Shin, Anna S. Mattila [Google Scholar]

Cuteness inspires men’s risk seeking but women’s risk aversion
Yuan Li, Dengfeng Yan [Google Scholar]

A state-of-the-art review of the sharing economy: Scientometric mapping of the scholarship
Anton Klarin, Yuliani Suseno [Google Scholar]

Compassionate customer service in ethnic minority microbusinesses
Muhibul Haq, Martin Johanson, Julie Davies, Léo-Paul Dana, Tribikram Budhathoki [Google Scholar]

Self-construals as the locus of paradoxical consumer empowerment in self-service retail technology environments
Virginie Schweitzer, Françoise Simon [Google Scholar]

CEO environmentally responsible leadership and firm environmental innovation: A socio-psychological perspective
Yanxia Wang, Tao Shen, Yang Chen, Abraham Carmeli [Google Scholar]

Effectiveness of value calculators in B2B sales work – Challenges at the sales-call level
Essi Pöyry, Petri Parvinen, Jonas Martens [Google Scholar]

Enjoy the pain that you cannot avoid: Investigation on the relationship between developmental job experience and employees’ innovative behavior
Daeho Kim, Jiseon Shin, Myeong-Gu Seo, Mi-Jin Sung [Google Scholar]

Team innovative capability: Does positive mood unlock the innovative potential of environmental cues?
Rebecca Mitchell, Brendan Boyle, Stephen Nicholas [Google Scholar]

Economic, organizational, and environmental capabilities for business sustainability competence: Findings from case studies in the fashion business
David T.W. Wong, Eric W.T. Ngai [Google Scholar]

Uses and abuses of statistical control variables: Ruling out or creating alternative explanations?
Mingxiang Li [Google Scholar]

Greasing the wheels or blocking the path? Organizational structure, product innovativeness, and new product success☆
Dennis Walheiser, Christian Schwens, Philip J. Steinberg, John W. Cadogan [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Digital transformation as a springboard for product, process and business model innovation. Edited by: Stefano Bresciani, Kun-Huang Huarng, Arvind Malhotra, Alberto Ferraris

Business model innovation through the application of the Internet-of-Things: A comparative analysis
Timber Haaker, Pham Thi Minh Ly, Nhan Nguyen-Thanh, Hanh Thi Hong Nguyen [Google Scholar]

The effect of digitalization on business performance: An applied study of KIBS
Samuel Ribeiro-Navarrete, Dolores Botella-Carrubi, Daniel Palacios-Marqués, Maria Orero-Blat [Google Scholar]

Technology distraction at work. Impacts on self-regulation and work engagement
Mehmet A. Orhan, Sylvaine Castellano, Insaf Khelladi, Luca Marinelli, Filippo Monge [Google Scholar]

Digital platform-based ecosystems: The evolution of collaboration and competition between incumbent producers and entrant platforms
Alessio Cozzolino, Leonardo Corbo, Paolo Aversa [Google Scholar]

Artificial intelligence-driven music biometrics influencing customers’ retail buying behavior
Waymond Rodgers, Fannie Yeung, Christopher Odindo, William Y. Degbey [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Challenges and opportunities in new research methods in innovation, entrepreneurship, and knowledge topics. Edited by: Kun Huang, José-Manuel Guaita-Martínez, Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano

Entrepreneurial orientation, concern for socioemotional wealth preservation, and family firm performance
Felipe Hernández-Perlines, Jeffrey G. Covin, Domingo E. Ribeiro-Soriano [Google Scholar]

Turning social endorsement into brand passion
Tien Wang, Trung Dam-Huy Thai, Pham Thi Minh Ly, Tran Phuong Chi [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Mobile Applications. Edited by: John Dinsmore, Kunal Swani, Kendall Goodrich and Umut Konus

Turn up the volume if you’re feeling lonely: The effect of mobile application sound on consumer outcomes
Lauren Mayor Poupis, Dan Rubin, Lama Lteif [Google Scholar]

Introduction: Advancing understanding of mobile applications in marketing
John Dinsmore, Kunal Swani, Kendall Goodrich, Umut Konus [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Dark side of business-to-business (B2B) relationships. Edited By: Piyush Sharma, Russel PJKingshott, Tak YanLeung, Ashish Malik

Demystifying the dark side of board political capital
T.Y. Leung, Piyush Sharma [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Retailing and Emergent Technologies. Edited by: Dhruv Grewal, Gopal Das, James Agarwal, Mark T. Spence, Dinesh Gauri

Enhancing chatbot effectiveness: The role of anthropomorphic conversational styles and time orientation
Rajat Roy, Vik Naidoo [Google Scholar]

Special Issue


Information disclosure in e-commerce: A systematic review and agenda for future research
Malgorzata Kolotylo-Kulkarni, Weidong Xia, Gurpreet Dhillon [Google Scholar]

B2B market segmentation: A systematic review and research agenda
Roberto Mora Cortez, Ann Højbjerg Clarke, Per Vagn Freytag [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

QUO VADIS CORPORATE MARKETING Reflections and directions on corporate identity, branding, image, reputation and communications. Edited By: Klement Podnar and John M.TBalmer

Coporate branding and corporate social responsibility: Toward a multi-stakeholder interpretive perspective
Francois Maon, Valérie Swaen, Kenneth De Roeck [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Corroborating Empirical Evidence from Published Marketing Research. Edited By: Barry J. Babin, CarmenLopez, Jean-Luc Herrmann, David J. Ortinau

Science is about corroborating empirical evidence, even in academic business research journals
Barry J. Babin, David J. Ortinau, Jean-Luc Herrmann, Carmen Lopez [Google Scholar]

Modeling word-of-mouth usage: A replication
Rajesh Iyer, Mitch Griffin [Google Scholar]

Revisiting and replicating the dominant logic on salesperson job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover
Reza Rajabi, James Boles, Thomas G. Brashear Alejandro, Shikhar Sarin [Google Scholar]

People as products: Exploring replication and corroboration in the dimensions of theory, method and context
Mana Farshid, Sarah Lord Ferguson, Leyland Pitt, Kirk Plangger [Google Scholar]

Taking a closer look: Reasserting the role of self-accountability in ethical consumption
Thi Thanh Huong Tran, Nicholas G. Paparoidamis [Google Scholar]

Goal-relevant versus incidental similarity when choosing between multiple service providers
Aaron D. Arndt, Kiran Karande, Kristina Harrison, Leila Khoshgadam [Google Scholar]

The impact of range extension on the attraction effect
Pravesh Kumar Padamwar, Jagrook Dawra, Vinay Kumar Kalakbandi [Google Scholar]

Still work and/or fun? Corroboration of the hedonic and utilitarian shopping value scale
Karine Picot-Coupey, Nina Krey, Elodie Huré, Claire-Lise Ackermann [Google Scholar]

Brand love: Corroborating evidence across four continents
Laszlo Sajtos, Joanne T. Cao, Jennifer A. Espinosa, Ian Phau, Patricia Rossi, Billy Sung, Benjamin Voyer [Google Scholar]

Employer brand equity effects on employees well-being and loyalty
Laïla Benraïss-Noailles, Catherine Viot [Google Scholar]

Replicating consumer value scales: A comparative study of EVS and PERVAL at a cultural heritage site
Martina G. Gallarza, Laurent Maubisson, Arnaud Rivière [Google Scholar]

Measuring customer experience quality: The EXQ scale revisited
Volker G. Kuppelwieser, Phil Klaus [Google Scholar]

Revisiting the consumer brand engagement concept
Obinna O. Obilo, Ellis Chefor, Amin Saleh [Google Scholar]

Trustworthiness in e-commerce: A replication study of competing measures
Heli Hallikainen, Tommi Laukkanen [Google Scholar]