Intl Mar Rev


International Marketing Review, 38(1)


Dissemination and consensual perceptions of nation brands: a framework for future research
Carlos J. Torelli [Google Scholar]

Building the connection between nation and commercial brand: an integrative review and future research directions
Jiaxun He, Cheng Lu Wang, Yi Wu [Google Scholar]

Guest editorial
Cheng Lu Wang, Dorothy Yen, Bradley R. Barnes [Google Scholar]

When face meets globalization
Haiyang Huang, Jiaxun He [Google Scholar]

Cultural equity: knowledge and outcomes aspects
Carlos J. Torelli, Hyewon Oh, Jennifer L. Stoner [Google Scholar]

How global brands incorporate local cultural elements to improve brand evaluations
Chunyan Nie, Tao Wang [Google Scholar]

Building strong nation brands
Jan-Benedict Steenkamp [Google Scholar]

Nation branding, cultural identity and political polarization – an exploratory framework
Alessandra Vecchi, Emmanuel Sirimal Silva, Lina Maria Jimenez Angel [Google Scholar]

Soft power and nation rebranding
Eric Ping Hung Li, Hyun Jeong Min, Somin Lee [Google Scholar]

The role of nation brand in attracting foreign direct investments: a case study of Korea
Richard Lee, You-il Lee [Google Scholar]

Two decades of research on nation branding: a review and future research agenda
Andy W. Hao, Justin Paul, Sangeeta Trott, Chiquan Guo, Heng-Hui Wu [Google Scholar]