SAM International Business Conference


Virtual event, 18-20 Mar 2021; Deadline 18 Feb

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Author: Avinandan Mkherjee

2021 SAM International Business Conference


MARCH 18 – 20, 2021

The Society for Advancement of Management (SAM) invites you to participate in its 2021 SAM International Business Conference, its 76th Annual Conference event. SAM is the world’s oldest professional management association, the publisher of the peer-reviewed SAM Advanced Management Journal, and the home of the annual Student Case competition that occurs during the annual Conference. SAM is dedicated to the advancement of management practice and education through the creation and sharing of knowledge, and through fostering partnerships between academics, practitioners, and students. The 2021 Conference will mark the 76th year in which this platform is provided for academicians, researchers, industry experts, and students to present and share their research and ideas, to interact with one another, and to explore future collaborations.


FEBRUARY 19, 2021

As the world of business struggles through the COVID-19 pandemic, business and management theories and practices are being reimagined and reconfigured to address the new world of work. Management theory and practice will evolve to advocate innovation, efficiency and performance as drivers of success in all forms and sizes of organizations, in all sectors, and in all countries. As organizations try to adapt and respond to technological, demographic, and market transformations, managers, employees and stakeholders increasingly are called upon to demonstrate the agility, imagination, ambidexterity, inclusivity, and sustainability that finds opportunity in ever-faster paced and ever-larger disruptions. Business as usual will be forever changed. As Covid-19 has completely reshaped the idea of the workplace, and many businesses shift permanently to remote or hybrid environments, business models will adapt to emerging needs of the marketplace. The post-pandemic future of work is uncertain and disruptive, as the creation, operation, and consequence of new management thinking remain territory both scholars and practitioners are just beginning to navigate and chart. SAM’s 76th Anniversary Conference – Advancing Management: The Post-Pandemic Future of Work – is dedicated to exploring and contributing findings and recommendations to this central and contemporary aspect of management practice and education. Academic, practitioner, and student researchers are invited to present business insights at this 2021 Conference.

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