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The Organizational Frontlines Interest Group Young Scholars, and Frontlines in Crisis, (Zoom) Award Presentations, 18 Feb 2021


Author: Todd Arnold

Organizational Frontlines Interest Group announces Winners of the…

Young Scholars and Frontlines in Crisis

Research Competition Awards for 2021!

Zoom Link https://zoom.us/j/95934858849?pwd=SU1OV0kyalpveHNBbFRBc2FsV1RMQT09

Meeting ID: 959 3485 8849; Passcode: 495805

 Opening Remarks by OFR Co-Chairs:

Detelina Marinova (Missouri) and James Maxham (UVA)

 SESSION 1: February 18, 2021, 10am – 11am CST

Chair:  Todd Arnold (OSU)

Young Scholar Research Award – Winner Presentations

Discussants: Bitty Balducci (Washington State), Sterling Bone (Utah State), Andrew Crecelius (Iowa State) and Martin Mende (Florida State)

“Who’s In Control: How Default Tip Levels Influence Customer’s Emotions and Engagement” by Nathan Warren (University of Oregon), Sara Hanson (University of Richmond), and Hong Yuan (University of Oregon)

“The Complex Nature of Customer Orientation in Boundary Spanning Roles: An Investigation of Depletion, Customer Depersonalization and Shirking Behavior,” by Jonathan Beck (Boston College), Clay Voorhees (University of Alabama), and Carol L. Esmark Jones (University of Alabama)

“Defining, Measuring and Managing Networked Customer Experience: A Multi-Method Study of Mobile Payment Apps in Retail Settings,” by Nandini Nim (Georgia State University) and V. Kumar (ISB)


SESSION 2: February 18, 2021, 11:30am – 12:30pm CST

Chair:  Jagdip Singh (Case)

Frontlines in Crisis Competition – Winner Presentations

 Discussants: Mike Ahearne (Houston), Mike Brady (Florida State), Mark Houston (TCU), John Rudd (Warwick), Ravi Sohi (Nebraska)

“Stopping the Spread: The Role of Blame Attributions and Frontline Staff Measures in Curbing C2C Misbehavior Contagion,” by Ilias Danatzis (King’s College London), Jana Moller (Freie University Berlin)

“Customer-Salesperson Relationships in Times of Crisis: A Power-Dependency Perspective,” by Claire Cardy (Warwick Business School) and Johannes Habel (University of Houston)

Selected for presentation and workshop development:

“Which Type of AI Solutions Prove Useful During Crisis? Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” by Linda Alkire (Texas State University), Yashar Atefi (University of Denver), Kaushik Jayaram (University of Georgia) and Irene Nahm (University of Minnesota)

Closing Remarks:  Todd Arnold (OSU) and