J Prod Innovation Man


Journal of Product Innovation Management, 38(1)




From the Editors: Introducing the Special Issue on “Digital Transformation and Innovation Management”
Jelena Spanjol, Charles H. Noble [Google Scholar]

Special Issue: Digital Transformation and Innovation Management: Opening Up The Black Box

Special Issue Guest Editorial

Digital Transformation and Innovation Management: A Synthesis of Existing Research and an Agenda for Future Studies
Francesco Paolo Appio, Federico Frattini, Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli, Paolo Neirotti [Google Scholar]

Sustaining Complement Quality for Digital Product Platforms: A Case Study of the Philips Hue Ecosystem
Susan Hilbolling, Hans Berends, Fleur Deken, Philipp Tuertscher [Google Scholar]

Big Data for Creating and Capturing Value in the Digitalized Environment: Unpacking the Effects of Volume, Variety, and Veracity on Firm Performance
Francesco Cappa, Raffaele Oriani, Enzo Peruffo, Ian McCarthy [Google Scholar]

A Self‐Tuning Model for Smart Manufacturing SMEs: Effects on Digital Innovation
Manlio Del Giudice, Veronica Scuotto, Armando Papa, Shlomo Y. Tarba, Stefano Bresciani, Merrill Warkentin [Google Scholar]

The Digital Transformation of Search and Recombination in the Innovation Function: Tensions and an Integrative Framework
Gianvito Lanzolla, Danilo Pesce, Christopher L. Tucci [Google Scholar]

Digital Machines, Space, and Time: Towards a Behavioral Perspective of Flexible Manufacturing
Paolo Aversa, Marco Formentini, Daniela Iubatti, Gianni Lorenzoni [Google Scholar]

Digital Transformation Through Exploratory and Exploitative Internet of Things Innovations: The Impact of Family Management and Technological Diversification
René Ceipek, Julia Hautz, Alfredo De Massis, Kurt Matzler, Lorenzo Ardito [Google Scholar]

The Gordian Knot of Practicing Digital Transformation: Coping with Emergent Paradoxes in Ambidextrous Organizing Structures☆
Pernille Smith, Michela Beretta [Google Scholar]

The Transformation of the Innovation Process: How Digital Tools are Changing Work, Collaboration, and Organizations in New Product Development
Tucker J. Marion, Sebastian K. Fixson [Google Scholar]