Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 55(2)


Impact value and sustainable, well-being centred service systems
Hamish Simmonds, Aaron Gazley [Google Scholar]

Shelf-based scarcity as a cue of luxuriousness: an application of psychophysiology
Billy Sung, Siobhan Hatton-Jones, Min Teah, Isaac Cheah, Ian Phau [Google Scholar]

Effectiveness of brand placements in music videos on viewers’ brand memory, brand attitude and behavioral intentions
Davit Davtyan, Isabella Cunningham, Armen Tashchian [Google Scholar]

Country image and consumer evaluation of imported products: test of a hierarchical model in four countries
John Thøgersen, Jessica Aschemann-Witzel, Susanne Pedersen [Google Scholar]

Abusive supervision in retailing: the mediating role of customer orientation and the moderating roles of contingent reward and contingent punishment
Zhiyong Yang, Fernando Jaramillo, Yonghong Liu, Weiling Ye, Rong Huang [Google Scholar]

How within-country consumer product (or brand) localness and supporting marketing tactics influence sales performance
Jake Hoskins, J. Cameron Verhaal, Abbie Griffin [Google Scholar]

Do online searches influence sales or merely predict them? The case of motion pictures
Ho Kim [Google Scholar]

The allure of starting afresh: the effects of mortality-related sadness on the effectiveness of fresh start appeals
Felix Septianto, Saira Khan, Yuri Seo, Linsong Shi [Google Scholar]

The path of support-to-sales: mediating role of seller collaborative information exchange in social commerce
Li Chen, Fengxia Zhu, Murali Mantrala [Google Scholar]

The paradox of surprise: empirical evidence about surprising gifts received and given by close relations
Joëlle Vanhamme, Adam Lindgreen, Michael Beverland [Google Scholar]

Not just another internal service provider: how a firm’s marketing research function influences uses of market research information
Christian Bode, Ingmar Geiger [Google Scholar]

Impacts of salespeople’s biased and unbiased performance attributions on job satisfaction: the concept of misattributed satisfaction
Christine Lai-Bennejean, Lauren Beitelspacher [Google Scholar]