Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 42(2)


Platform diffusion at temporary gatherings: Social coordination and ecosystem emergence
Tommy Pan Fang, Andy Wu, David R. Clough [Google Scholar]

Avoid, acquiesce … or engage? New insights from sub‐Saharan Africa on MNE strategies for managing corruption
Charles E. Stevens, Aloysius Newenham‐Kahindi [Google Scholar]

Ownership competence
Nicolai J. Foss, Peter G. Klein, Lasse B. Lien, Thomas Zellweger, Todd Zenger [Google Scholar]

Analytic models in strategy, organizations, and management research: A guide for consumers
Douglas P. Hannah, Ron Tidhar, Kathleen M. Eisenhardt [Google Scholar]

Exploration and exploitation in complex search tasks: How feedback influences whether and where human agents search
Stephan Billinger, Kannan Srikanth, Nils Stieglitz, Terry R. Schumacher [Google Scholar]

Charting a path between firm‐specific incentives and human capital‐based competitive advantage
David Kryscynski, Russ Coff, Benjamin Campbell [Google Scholar]

Economizing and strategizing: How coalitions and transaction costs shape value creation and appropriation
Christian G. Asmussen, Kirsten Foss, Nicolai J. Foss, Peter G. Klein [Google Scholar]

Optimal distinctiveness in platform markets: Leveraging complementors as legitimacy buffers
Karl Taeuscher, Hannes Rothe [Google Scholar]

Being extraordinary: How CEOS’ uncommon names explain strategic distinctiveness
Yungu Kang, David H. Zhu, Yan Anthea Zhang [Google Scholar]