Psych Mar


Psychology & Marketing, 38(2)



Evolutionary psychology in marketing: Deep, debated, but fancier with fieldwork
Tobias Otterbring [Google Scholar]

Prenatal hormones (2D:4D), intrasexual competition, and materialism in women
Marcelo V. Nepomuceno, Cristina M. de Aguiar Pastore, Eric Stenstrom [Google Scholar]

Intrasexual female competition and female trust in gay male sales associates’ recommendations
Eric M. Russell, Hannah K. Bradshaw, Mark S. Rosenbaum, Sarah E. Hill, Rebekah Russell‐Bennett [Google Scholar]

The green mate appeal: Men’s pro‐environmental consumption is an honest signal of commitment to their partner
Sylvie Borau, Leila Elgaaied‐Gambier, Camilla Barbarossa [Google Scholar]

When abs do not sell: The impact of male influencers conspicuously displaying a muscular body on female followers
Yiran Su, Thilo Kunkel, Ning Ye [Google Scholar]

It might be ethical, but I won’t buy it: Perceived contamination of, and disgust towards, clothing made from recycled plastic bottles
Matthew D. Meng, R. Bret Leary [Google Scholar]

Not so social: When social media increases perceptions of exclusions and negatively affects attitudes toward content
Gema Vinuales, Veronica L. Thomas [Google Scholar]

Baseline testosterone moderates the effect of money exposure on charitable giving intent
John B. Dinsmore, Eric P. Stenstrom, Jonathan W. Kunstman [Google Scholar]

Affect‐based nonconscious signaling: When do consumers prefer negative branding?
Dan King, Sumitra Auschaitrakul [Google Scholar]

The pleasure of sharing: Can social context make healthy food more appealing?
Katrien Maldoy, Charlotte J. S. De Backer, Karolien Poels [Google Scholar]

Addressing the sins of consumer psychology via the evolutionary lens
Gad Saad [Google Scholar]