American Econ Rev


American Economic Review, 111(2)


Employer Consolidation and Wages: Evidence from Hospitals
Elena Prager and Matt Schmitt [Google Scholar]

Aggregate Nominal Wage Adjustments: New Evidence from Administrative Payroll Data
John Grigsby, Erik Hurst and Ahu Yildirmaz [Google Scholar]

Leadership in Social Movements: Evidence from the “Forty-Eighters” in the Civil War
Christian Dippel and Stephan Heblich [Google Scholar]

Intertemporal Labor Supply Substitution? Evidence from the Swiss Income Tax Holidays
Isabel Z. Martínez, Emmanuel Saez and Michael Siegenthaler [Google Scholar]

The Nature of Firm Growth
Vincent Sterk, Petr Sedláček, Benjamin Pugsley [Google Scholar]

Intergenerational Mobility of Immigrants in the United States over Two Centuries
Ran Abramitzky, Leah Boustan, Elisa Jacome and Santiago Perez [Google Scholar]

Speculative Fever: Investor Contagion in the Housing Bubble
Patrick Bayer, Kyle Mangum and James W. Roberts [Google Scholar]

Exchange Rates and Prices: Evidence from the 2015 Swiss Franc Appreciation
Raphael Auer, Ariel Burstein and Sarah M. Lein [Google Scholar]

Testing the Waters: Behavior across Participant Pools
Erik Snowberg and Leeat Yariv [Google Scholar]

A Theory of Chosen Preferences
B. Douglas Bernheim, Luca Braghieri, Alejandro Martínez-Marquina and David Zuckerman [Google Scholar]

What Makes a Rule Complex? Erratum
Ryan Oprea [Google Scholar]