Gerald Hills Award


AMA Entrepreneurial Marketing SIG invites nominations for the 2021 Gerald E. Hills Best Paper Award; Deadline 1 May 2021


Author: Susan Wei

AMA Entrepreneurial Marketing SIG invites nominations for

The 2021 Gerald E. Hills Best Paper Award

Gerald (Gerry) E. Hills is widely recognized for his research and expertise in entrepreneurial marketing, especially for his work on opportunity recognition. In addition, Gerry initiated and continues to organize an annual research symposium on Marketing and Entrepreneurship (see since the eighties. Gerry was one of the AMA leaders who initiated the Special Interest Group concept. The Entrepreneurial Marketing SIG is pleased to continue to present the best paper award in recognition of Gerry’s lifetime contributions to the field.

Award Criteria:

The Gerald E. Hills Award Best Paper on Entrepreneurial Marketing award is presented annually (usually during the GRSME symposium preceding the Summer AMA conference) to the author(s) of the “best paper” who have made a significant impact on the marketing/entrepreneurship interface research. The domain of nominated articles would be papers published in the previous 10 years in any refereed publication.

Previous Award winners:

2020: Rosalind Jones (U of Birmingham) and Jennifer Rowley (Manchester Metropolitan U), “Entrepreneurial Marketing in Small Businesses: A Conceptual Exploration,” International small business journal, 2011, 29(1), 25-36.

2019: Nicole E. Coviello (Wilfrid Laurier U) and Richard M. Joseph (ASB Bank), “Creating Major Innovations with Customers: Insights from Small and Young Technology Firms”, Journal of Marketing, 2012, 76(6), 87-104.

2018: Raghunath Singh Rao (UT Austin), Rajesh K. Chandy (London Business School), and Jaideep C. Prabhu (Cambridge Judge Business School), The fruits of legitimacy: Why some new ventures gain more from Innovation than others”, Journal of Marketing, 2008, 72 (4), 58-75.

2017: Justin W Webb (The U of North Carolina at Charlotte); Duane R. Ireland (Texas A&M U); Michael A. Hitt (Texas Christian U); Geoffrey M. Kistruck (York U); Laszlo Tihanyi (Texas A&M U), “Where is the Opportunity without the Customer? An Integration of Marketing Activities, the Entrepreneurship Process, and Institutional Theory,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2011, 39 (4), 537-554.

2016: Diane M. Martin (Aalto U) and John Schouten (Aalto U): “Consumption-Driven Market Emergence,” Journal of Consumer Research, 2014, 40 (5), 855-870.

2015: Stuart Read (IMD Lausanne), Nicholas Dew (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey), Saras Sarasvathy (U of Virginia), Michael Song (U of Missouri), and Robert Wiltbank (Willamette U): “Marketing Under Uncertainty – The Logic of an Effectual Approach,” Journal of Marketing, 2009, 73 (3), 1-18.

2014: Marc Gruber (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), Ian C. MacMillan (U of Pennsylvania) and James D. Thompson (U of Pennsylvania): “Look Before You Leap: Market Opportunity Identification in Emerging Technology Firms,” Management Science, 2008, 54(9), 1652-1664.

2013: Nicole E. Coviello (Wilfrid Laurier U) for “Network Dynamics in the International New Venture,” Journal of International Business Studies, 2006, 37(5), 713-731.

2012: Michael H. Morris (Oklahoma State U), Minet Schindehutte (Syracuse U), and Raymond W. Laforge (U of Louisville) for “Entrepreneurial Marketing: A Construct for Integrating Emerging Entrepreneurship and Marketing Perspectives,” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 2002, Fall, 1-18.

2011: Ken Matsuno (Babson College), Tom Mentzer (U), and Aysegul Ozsomer (Koc U) for “The Effects of Entrepreneurial Proclivity and Market Orientation on Business Performance,” Journal of Marketing, 2002, 66(3), 18-33.

2010: Helena Yli-Renko (U of Southern California), Erkko Autio (Imperial College), and Harry J. Sapienza (U of Minnesota) for “Social Capital, Knowledge Acquisition, and Knowledge Exploitation in Young Technology-Based Firms,” Strategic Management Journal, 2001, (22), 587-613.

Inaugural 2009 award: Saras Sarasvathy (U of Virginia) for “Causation and Effectuation: Toward a Theoretical Shift from Economic Inevitability to Entrepreneurial Contingency,” Academy of Management Review, 2001, (2), 243-263.

2021 Nomination Deadline:

Please email your nomination with a one-page statement of endorsement to Can Uslay (AMA EM SIG Chair) or Susan Wei (VC Research) by May 1, 2021. Self-nominations (for up to two articles) are also acceptable.