J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 38(1)



Social media advertisements with deposit contracts and fitness club/gym membership: are consumers persuaded?
Joshua Fogel, Sarah Ustoyev [Google Scholar]

The impact of the institutional environment on green consumption in India
Naman Sreen, Rambalak Yadav, Sushant Kumar, Mark Gleim [Google Scholar]

The role of subjective knowledge and perceived trustworthiness in fair trade consumption for fashion and food products
Tim Eberhardt, Marco Hubert, Helena Maria Lischka, Mirja Hubert, Zhibin Lin [Google Scholar]

Cynical consumer: how social cynicism impacts consumer attitude
Indirah Indibara, Sanjeev Varshney [Google Scholar]

Motivations and consumption practices of fostered idol fans: a self-determination theory approach
Shuguang Zhao, Xuan Wu [Google Scholar]

Physical appearance stereotypes for service occupations
Dwane H. Dean [Google Scholar]

SNS use leads to luxury brand consumption: evidence from China
Wangshuai Wang, Nuoya Chen, Jie Li, Gong Sun [Google Scholar]

Corporate social responsibility and customer retention: evidence from the telecommunication industry in Ghana
Otto Afiuc, Samuel K. Bonsu, Franklyn Manu, Casey Brett Knight, Swati Panda, Charles Blankson [Google Scholar]

Understanding drivers and outcomes of brand attachment in mobile branded apps
Trang P. Tran, Christopher P. Furner, Pia A. Albinsson [Google Scholar]

Understanding drivers of brand love – the role of personalized ads on social media
Trang P. Tran, Adrienne Muldrow, Khanh Ngoc Bich Ho [Google Scholar]

The travel constraints faced by retired travelers in the 21st
Gaelle Marie Moal [Google Scholar]