J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 36(1)



How environmental turbulence influences firms’ entrepreneurial orientation: the moderating role of network relationships and organizational inertia
Ming-Chao Wang, Pei-Chen Chen, Shih-Chieh Fang [Google Scholar]

The impact of using a cloud supply chain on organizational performance
Meichun Lin, Chinho Lin, Yong-Sheng Chang [Google Scholar]

Use of effectuation by established micro businesses: short-term gain, long-term pain?
Phillip McGowan [Google Scholar]

How to improve new product performance through customer relationship management and product development management: evidence from China
Jianhui Yan, Yu Zheng, Jiaxin Bao, Chongyu Lu, Yanhui Jiang, Zhi Yang, Chulan Feng [Google Scholar]

Proactivity and responsiveness in value creation: a conceptual typology of market strategies
Harald Brege, Daniel Kindström [Google Scholar]

Determining corporate direction in sustainable development: a multi-dimensional framework in B2B
Rocío Rodríguez, Göran Svensson, Greg Wood [Google Scholar]

Knowledge management, customer relationship management and innovation capabilities
Mahmoud M. Migdadi [Google Scholar]

A study of group decision-making for green technology adoption in micro and small enterprises
Shuang Yao, Yan Song, Yanna Yu, Benhai Guo [Google Scholar]

Buying centre members’ information control and complex organizational buying
Daniel D. Prior, Lakshi Karunarathne Hitihami Mudiyanselage, Omar Khadeer Hussain [Google Scholar]

Supply chain management and market responsiveness: a simulation study
Abdulqadir Rahomee Ahmed Aljanabi, Karzan Mahdi Ghafour [Google Scholar]

Evaluating the effects of CRM practices on organizational learning, its antecedents and level of customer satisfaction
Mohit Kumar, Madhvendra Misra [Google Scholar]

Acquaintances or friends? Exploring the effects of contracts, trust and ethical level on opportunism in manufacturer-distributor relationships
Richard J. Miller, Laura Munoz, Michael Mallin [Google Scholar]

Goods and services related brand image and B2B customer loyalty: effects of construal level
Prathamesh Kittur, Swagato Chatterjee [Google Scholar]