Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 33(1)


A dynamic evolutionary game model of web celebrity brand eWOM marketing control strategy
Mengjie Liao, Jian Zhang, Ruimei Wang [Google Scholar]

Who are the multichannel shoppers and how can retailers use them? Evidence from the French apparel industry
Wooyong Jo, Jikyung (Jeanne) Kim, Jeonghye Choi [Google Scholar]

Developing the antecedents of social influence for Internet banking adoption through social networking platforms: evidence from conventional and Islamic banks
Muhammad Naeem [Google Scholar]

Identifying market structure to monitor product competition using a consumer-behavior-based intelligence model
Mingjun Zhan, Hongming Gao, Hongwei Liu, Yidan Peng, Dan Lu, Hui Zhu [Google Scholar]

Do we follow the crowd on social media? Experimental evidence on consumer attitudes in the contexts of NeWOM and firm crisis response
Sasithorn Suwandee, Aurathai Lertwannawit, Olimpia C. Racela, Pattana Boonchoo [Google Scholar]

An alternative view of the millennial green product purchase: the roles of online product review and self-image congruence
Yen Thi Hoang Nguyen, Hung Vu Nguyen [Google Scholar]

When foreign brands appear local, and local brands appear foreign
Bo Chen [Google Scholar]

Pricing policies of a dynamic green supply chain with strategies of retail service
Shan Chen, Fuli Zhou, Jiafu Su, Longxiao Li, Biyu Yang, Yandong He [Google Scholar]

Customers’ perceived value and dining choice through mobile apps in Indonesia
Adnan Muhammad Shah, Xiangbin Yan, Syed Asad Ali Shah, Mudassar Ali [Google Scholar]

The group matters: examining the effect of group characteristics in online brand communities
Junyun Liao, Lu Wang, Minxue Huang, Defeng Yang, Haiying Wei [Google Scholar]

How can trading stamp promotions entice customers?
Weichen Teng [Google Scholar]

Relationships among employee acting, customer-perceived service quality, emotional well-being and value co-creation
Chih-Hsuan Huang, Yuan-Chen Lin [Google Scholar]

Perceived social media marketing activities and consumer-based brand equity
Kian Yeik Koay, Derek Lai Teik Ong, Kim Leng Khoo, Hui Jing Yeoh [Google Scholar]

Integrative perceived values influencing consumers’ attitude and behavioral responses toward mobile location-based advertising: an empirical study in Vietnam
Cu Xuan Le, Hu Wang [Google Scholar]

Ulterior motives in peer and expert supplementary online reviews and consumers’ perceived deception
Umar Iqbal Siddiqi, Jin Sun, Naeem Akhtar [Google Scholar]