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The Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing calls for Associate Editors, Editorial Advisory Board Members and Special Issue proposals

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Author: Charles Wangy

Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing: Calls for Associate Editors, Editorial Advisory Board Members and Special Issue proposals

Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing is a leading journal in the field of interactive marketing, with an increasing impact factor (Clarivate 2019 IF =2.54) and reputation (ranked at Q2 on Journal Citation Report). To keep pace with the growth of the journal, JRIM is calling for nominations or self-nomination of associate editors and editorial advisory board members due to the fast growth of interactive marketing realm and the expansion of JRIM research scope. We are looking for scholars who have a passion of active engagement with the journal and author community, particularly in assisting with the peer review process. Ideal candidates for Editorial Advisory Board would be established scholars in interactive marketing or related field and be willing to review a few manuscripts each year. We are also looking for Associate Editors who are able to (1) select/invite appropriate reviewers based on the best fit, (2) evaluate the manuscript and respond to authors based on reviewers’ comments in a timely manner, and (3) make recommendations to the editor-in-chief. Previous or current editorial experience (i.e., serving as Associate Editor or Special Issue guest editor) is preferred for the AE position. Interested candidates should send a letter of interest and a brief Bio (with a google scholar citation link) to the Editor-in-Chief, Professor Cheng Lu Wang, at

The past decades have witnessed dramatic changes of interactive marketing landscape thanks to technological advancement in artificial intelligence, virtual reality or augmented reality, social recommender systems, social media platforms and mobile apps. With the update and expansion of the journal, JRIM is looking for special issue proposals on innovative and cutting edge research topics dealing with emerging or provocative issues. The selection of SI proposal is competitive and is mainly based on a clear and compelling focus on a topic that is timely, significant, and likely to generate interest among JRIM readership and potential impact on the interactive marketing field. If you are planning to hold an international symposium or workshop focusing on the Special Issue topics, please indicate your plan it in the proposal. Prospective guest editors should be experts in the proposed area with a publication record. The SI proposal should include a draft call for papers, which indicates the rationale and objectives of the SI topics, with a brief CV of all guest editors. Please send any inquires or proposals to Cheng Lu Wang at