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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 59



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My style, my food, my waste! Consumer food waste-related lifestyle segments
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To err is human: Tolerate humans instead of machines in service failure
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A netnographical approach to typologizing customer engagement and corporate misconduct
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“I just don’t like digital-only banks, and you should not use them either”: Traditional-bank customers’ opposition to using digital-only banks
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An innovation resistance theory perspective on purchase of eco-friendly cosmetics
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Managing transformations in retail agglomerations:Case Itis shopping center
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Opinion leadership vs. para-social relationship: Key factors in influencer marketing
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True colors: Consumers’ packaging choices depend on the color of retail environment
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Online channel adoption in supermarket retailing
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Using in-store customer education to act upon the negative effects of impulsiveness in relation to unhealthy food consumption
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Would you bring home ugly produce? Motivators and demotivators for ugly food consumption
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Decision-making mechanism of online retailer based on additional online comments of consumers
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A sequence analysis approach to segmenting credit card customers
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Unplanned purchase of new products
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Marketing the use of headgear in high contact sports
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The impact of planned vs. unplanned purchases on subsequent purchase decision making in sequential buying situations
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Antecedents of consumer-brand identification in terms of belonging brands
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Role of consumer health consciousness, food safety & attitude on organic food purchase in emerging market: A serial mediation model
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From overt to covert: Exploring discrimination against homosexual consumers in retail stores
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Exploring the use of content analysis methodology in consumer research
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Food advertising targeting children in India: Analysis and implications
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Guiding directions and propositions: Placing dynamics at the heart of customer experience (CX) research
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