J Mar Res


Journal of Marketing Research, 58(1)


A Near-Optimal Bidding Strategy for Real-Time Display Advertising Auctions
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The Impact of Soda Taxes: Pass-Through, Tax Avoidance, and Nutritional Effects
Stephan Seiler, Anna Tuchman, and Song Yao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Incorporating Consumer Product Categorizations into Shelf Layout Design
Robert P. Rooderkerk and Donald R. Lehmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gremlins in the Data: Identifying the Information Content of Research Subjects
John R. Howell, Peter Ebbes, and John C. Liechty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Constraining Ideas: How Seeing Ideas of Others Harms Creativity in Open Innovation
Reto Hofstetter, Darren W. Dahl, Suleiman Aryobsei, and Andreas Herrmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Information Disclosure on Industry Payments to Physicians
Tong Guo, S. Sriram, and Puneet Manchanda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating the Academic Performance and Disciplinary Consequences of School District Internet Access Spending
Yixing Chen, Vikas Mittal, and Shrihari (Hari) Sridhar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ Preference for User-Designed Versus Designer-Designed Products: The Moderating Role of Power Distance Belief
Xiaobing Song, Jihye Jung, and Yinlong Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Involving Sales Managers in Sales Force Compensation Design
Rob Waiser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer Satisfaction and Firm Profits in Monopolies: A Study of Utilities
Abhi Bhattacharya, Neil A. Morgan, and Lopo L. Rego [Publisher] [Google Scholar]