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Journal of Business Research, 124



The effect of affiliation structure on the performance of pyramidal business groups
Marina Amado Bahia Gama, Rodrigo Bandeira-de-Mello [Google Scholar]

International new product development performance, entrepreneurial capability, and network in high-tech ventures
Shufeng (Simon) Xiao, Yong Kyu Lew, Byung Il Park [Google Scholar]

Intelligent purchasing: How artificial intelligence can redefine the purchasing function
Oihab Allal-Chérif, Virginia Simón-Moya, Antonio Carlos Cuenca Ballester [Google Scholar]

Vicarious animosity: Taking sides on provocative issues
Srdan Zdravkovic, Peter Magnusson, Dario Miocevic, Stanford A. Westjohn [Google Scholar]

Clothes make the leader! How leaders can use attire to impact followers’ perceptions of charisma and approval
Thomas Maran, Simon Liegl, Sebastian Moder, Sascha Kraus, Marco Furtner [Google Scholar]

Social anxiety and salesperson performance: The roles of mindful acceptance and perceived sales manager support
Bruno Lussier, Matthew Philp, Nathaniel N. Hartmann, Heiko Wieland [Google Scholar]

Hop to it! The impact of organization type on innovation response time to the COVID-19 crisis
Bernd Ebersberger, Andreas Kuckertz [Google Scholar]

The dilemma of downstream market stakeholder involvement in NPD: Untangling the effects of involvement and capabilities on performance
María Vaquero Martín, Ronny Reinhardt, Sebastian Gurtner [Google Scholar]

A novel diffusion-based model for estimating cases, and fatalities in epidemics: The case of COVID-19
Enes Eryarsoy, Dursun Delen, Behrooz Davazdahemami, Kazim Topuz [Google Scholar]

Numerical or verbal Information: The effect of comparative information in social comparison on prosocial behavior
Jun Ye, Kun Zhou, Rui Chen [Google Scholar]

Hybrid forms of business: Understanding the development of indigenous social entrepreneurship practices
Andrés Morales, Sara Calvo, José Manuel Guaita Martínez, José María Martín Martín [Google Scholar]

Impact of institutional imprinting on the persistence of superior profits: A study of regulatory punctuation in India
Manish Popli, Mehul Raithatha, Mohammad Fuad [Google Scholar]

Customers need to relate: The conditional warm glow effect of CSR on negative customer experiences
Sarah Alhouti, Scott A. Wright, Thomas L. Baker [Google Scholar]

Customer satisfaction and natural language processing
Yolande Piris, Anne-Cécile Gay [Google Scholar]

One size does not fit all: Strategy configurations, complex environments, and new venture performance in emerging economies
Yunzhou Du, Phillip H. Kim [Google Scholar]

The effects of brand prominence and narrative features on crowdfunding success for entrepreneurial aftermarket enterprises
Masoud Moradi, Vishag Badrinarayanan [Google Scholar]

How to bridge the gap between innovation niches and exploratory and exploitative innovations in open innovation ecosystems
Xuemei Xie, Hongwei Wang [Google Scholar]

Alexa, do voice assistants influence consumer brand engagement? – Examining the role of AI powered voice assistants in influencing consumer brand engagement
Graeme McLean, Kofi Osei-Frimpong, Jennifer Barhorst [Google Scholar]

Five decades of research on foreign direct investment by MNEs: An overview and research agenda
Justin Paul, María M. Feliciano-Cestero [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Digital transformation as a springboard for product, process and business model innovation. Edited by: Stefano Bresciani, Kun-Huang Huarng, Arvind Malhotra, Alberto Ferraris

Hyper-personalization, co-creation, digital clienteling and transformation
Geetika Jain, Justin Paul, Archana Shrivastava [Google Scholar]

How to fight against food waste in the digital era: Key factors for a successful food sharing platform
Alice Mazzucchelli, Martina Gurioli, Domenico Graziano, Barbara Quacquarelli, Chiraz Aouina-Mejri [Google Scholar]

Exploring the impact of digital transformation on technology entrepreneurship and technological market expansion: The role of technology readiness, exploration and exploitation
Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi, Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Elena Candelo, Jerome Couturier [Google Scholar]

Social capacitance: Leveraging absorptive capacity in the age of social media
Anshu Saxena Arora, K. Sivakumar, Paul A. Pavlou [Google Scholar]

Can traditional organizations be digitally transformed by themselves? The moderating role of absorptive capacity and strategic interdependence
Evangelia Siachou, Demetris Vrontis, Eleni Trichina [Google Scholar]

Bolstering creativity willingness through digital task interdependence, disruptive and smart HRM technologies
Samuel Ogbeibu, Vijay Pereira, Jude Emelifeonwu, James Gaskin [Google Scholar]

Online information on digitalisation processes and its impact on firm value
Antonio Salvi, Filippo Vitolla, Michele Rubino, Anastasia Giakoumelou, Nicola Raimo [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

5th International Augmented and Virtual Reality (ARVR) Conference. Edited by: Barry Babin, Nina Krey, Philipp A. Rauschnabel

Cognitive, affective, and behavioral consumer responses to augmented reality in e-commerce: A comparative study
Pascal Kowalczuk, Carolin Siepmann (née Scheiben), Jost Adler [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Edited by: Michael Haenlein and Andreas Kaplan

Artificial intelligence for human flourishing – Beyond principles for machine learning
B.C. Stahl, A. Andreou, P. Brey, T. Hatzakis, A. Kirichenko, K. Macnish, S. Laulhé Shaelou, A. Patel, M. Ryan, D. Wright [Google Scholar]

Artificial intelligence in marketing: Topic modeling, scientometric analysis, and research agenda
Mekhail Mustak, Joni Salminen, Loïc Plé, Jochen Wirtz [Google Scholar]

Artificial intelligence and robotics: Shaking up the business world and society at large
Michael Haenlein, Andreas Kaplan [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Challenges and opportunities in new research methods in innovation, entrepreneurship, and knowledge topics. Edited by: Kun Huang, José-Manuel Guaita-Martínez, Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano

Key effects of mentoring processes — multi-tool comparative analysis of the career paths of mentored employees with non-mentored employees
Małgorzata Baran, Roland Zarzycki [Google Scholar]

The digital self and virtual satisfaction: A cross-cultural perspective
Anjala S. Krishen, Orie Berezan, Shaurya Agarwal, Pushkin Kachroo, Robyn Raschke [Google Scholar]

Adoption of management control systems and performance in public sector organizations
Teresa Felício, António Samagaio, Ricardo Rodrigues [Google Scholar]

The role of management accounting systems in global value strategies
Tiago Gonçalves, Cristina Gaio [Google Scholar]

Leadership characteristics and digital transformation
José António Porfírio, Tiago Carrilho, José Augusto Felício, Jacinto Jardim [Google Scholar]

Cultural impact on mobile banking use – A multi-method approach
Winnie Ng Picoto, Inês Pinto [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Issues on Technology, information, and marketing that affect an interconnected world. Edited by: Kun Huang Huarng, Dolores Botella-Carrubi, Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano

Understanding the mystery of continued rapid economic growth
Shangfeng Zhang, Yaoxin Liu, Duen-Huang Huang [Google Scholar]

Employees’ attitudes toward corporate social responsibility programs: The influence of corporate frugality and polychronicity organizational capabilities
Franklin Velasco Vizcaíno, Silvia L. Martin, Juan J. Cardenas, Marcelo Cardenas [Google Scholar]

Linking career management practices with individual outcomes: The mediating role of perceived employability
Maria Eduarda Soares, Pilar Mosquera [Google Scholar]

Branding the hotel industry: The effect of step-up versus step-down brand extensions
Magnus Hultman, Christina Papadopoulou, Pejvak Oghazi, Robert Opoku [Google Scholar]

RICH with well-being: An entrepreneurial mindset for thriving in early-stage entrepreneurship
Stephen E. Lanivich, Andrew Bennett, Stacey R. Kessler, Nancy McIntyre, Adam W. Smith [Google Scholar]

Corporate social responsibility in micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises: Multigroup analysis of family vs. nonfamily firms
Benito Yáñez-Araque, Juan Pablo Sánchez-Infante Hernández, Santiago Gutiérrez-Broncano, Pedro Jiménez-Estévez [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Market-shaping and Innovation. Edited by Suvi Nenonen, Julia Fehrer, Roderick Brodie

Editorial: JBR special issue on market shaping and innovation
Suvi Nenonen, Julia Fehrer, Roderick J. Brodie [Google Scholar]

Market mash ups: The process of combinatorial market innovation
Susi Geiger, Hans Kjellberg [Google Scholar]

Emerging technology as a platform for market shaping and innovation
Valtteri Kaartemo, Anna-Greta Nyström [Google Scholar]

Emergent market innovation: A longitudinal study of technology-driven capability development and institutional work
Peter Ekman, Jimmie Röndell, Christian Kowalkowski, Randle D. Raggio, Steven M. Thompson [Google Scholar]

The ins and outs of market shaping: Exclusion as a darkside?
Bernard Cova, Björn Sven Ivens, Robert Spencer [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Mobile Applications. Edited by: John Dinsmore, Kunal Swani, Kendall Goodrich and Umut Konus

What drives add-on sales in mobile games? The role of inter-price relationship and product popularity
Seongsoo Jang, Jaihak Chung [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Retailing and Emergent Technologies. Edited by: Dhruv Grewal, Gopal Das, James Agarwal, Mark T. Spence, Dinesh Gauri

A multi-category demand model incorporating inter-product proximity
Yu Ma, P.B. (Seethu) Seetharaman, Vishal Singh [Google Scholar]

A Bit(coin) of happiness after a failure: An empirical examination of the effectiveness of cryptocurrencies as an innovative recovery tool
Amin Nazifi, Samantha Murdy, Ben Marder, Jana Gäthke, Bardia Shabani [Google Scholar]

Special Issue


Three decades of research on loyalty programs: A literature review and future research agenda
Yanyan Chen, Timo Mandler, Lars Meyer-Waarden [Google Scholar]

Fake news, social media and marketing: A systematic review
Giandomenico Di Domenico, Jason Sit, Alessio Ishizaka, Daniel Nunan [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

The Effects of Childhood Experiences in Adulthood: Implications for Business Activity and Research. Edited By: Zhiming Cheng, Youqing Fan, Zhou Jiang, Russell Smyth, Massimiliano Tani, Ben Zhe Wang.

Early life shocks and entrepreneurship: Evidence from the Vietnam War
Sefa Awaworyi Churchill, Musharavati Ephraim Munyanyi, Russell Smyth, Trong-Anh Trinh [Google Scholar]

Special Issue


Industry-science cooperation and public policy instruments utilization in the private sector
Valeriya Vlasova [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Ethical Issues in the Application of New and Emergent technologies of Marketing. Edited By: Charls Harvey,Nick Hajli, Michael R Hyman

Empowerment as latent vulnerability in techno-mediated consumption journeys
Céline Del Bucchia, Caroline Lancelot Miltgen, Cristel Antonia Russell, Claire Burlat [Google Scholar]

Development of theory of mind on online social networks: Evidence from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat
Elodie Gentina, Rui Chen, Zhiyong Yang [Google Scholar]

Does self-disclosure matter? A dynamic two-stage perspective for the personalization-privacy paradox
Fue Zeng, Qing Ye, Jing Li, Zhilin Yang [Google Scholar]

Ethical considerations and challenges for using digital ethnography to research vulnerable populations
Alex Thompson, Lindsay Stringfellow, Mairi Maclean, Amal Nazzal [Google Scholar]

Users’ ethical perceptions of social media research: Conceptualisation and measurement
Nina Michaelidou, Milena Micevski, John W. Cadogan [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

Sport Consumption, Sport Marketing, and Sponsorship: Best Papers from the 2018 Sport Marketing and Sponsorship International Conference. Edited By: Colleen Bee & Vassilis Dalakas

Introduction to special issue on sport marketing and sponsorship
Colleen Bee, Vassilis Dalakas [Google Scholar]

Are you with us or against us? The role of threat and anger in sport sponsorship
Colleen Bee, Jesse King, Jason Stornelli [Google Scholar]

Schadenfreude, rivalry antecedents, and the role of perceived sincerity in sponsorship of sport rivalries
B. David Tyler, Joe Cobbs, Bridget Satinover Nichols, Vassilis Dalakas [Google Scholar]

The impact of environmental CSR-linked sport sponsorship on attitude toward the sponsor depending on regulatory fit
Anna Mei Habitzreuter, Joerg Koenigstorfer [Google Scholar]

Improving fit perceptions for an incongruent sponsorship: Associating a sports property to a brand via analogical articulation
Robert Madrigal, Jesse King [Google Scholar]

The company you keep: Brand image transfer in concurrent event sponsorship
Felix Boronczyk, Christoph Breuer [Google Scholar]

Talent or popularity: What drives market value and brand image for human brands?
Julian Hofmann, Oliver Schnittka, Marius Johnen, Pascal Kottemann [Google Scholar]

Sports teams heritage: Measurement and application in sponsorship
Mei Rose, Gregory M. Rose, Altaf Merchant, Ulrich R. Orth [Google Scholar]

The impact of name and shame disclosure strategies on sponsor and ambusher brand attitude
Elisabeth Wolfsteiner, Reinhard Grohs, Heribert Reisinger [Google Scholar]

The role of fan benefits in shaping responses to sponsorship activation
Jan Dreisbach, David M. Woisetschläger, Christof Backhaus, T. Bettina Cornwell [Google Scholar]

Assessing the dissolution of horizontal marketing relationships: The case of corporate sponsorship of sport
Jonathan A. Jensen, T. Bettina Cornwell [Google Scholar]

Special Issue

SI: GAMMA 2018 President’s Awards

Bridging Asia and the world: Searching for academic excellence and best practice in marketing and management
Eunju Ko [Google Scholar]