Intl J Con Studies


International Journal of Consumer Studies, 45(1)


Does country matter in urban organic food products consumption?
Cristina Galamba Marreiros, Andreia Dionísio, Maria Raquel Lucas [Google Scholar]

Consumer perception of packaging: An eye‐tracking study of gluten‐free cookies
Maria Sielicka‐Różyńska, Ewa Jerzyk, Natalia Gluza [Google Scholar]

Beyond plug and play: The acquisition and meaning of vibrators in heterosexual relationships
Cornelia Mayr [Google Scholar]

Consumer guilt and green banking services
Burhanudin Burhanudin, Ronny Ronny, Ellen Theresia Sihotang [Google Scholar]

The influence mechanism of environmental anxiety on pro‐environmental behaviour: The role of self‐discrepancy
Jian Gao, Jing Zhao, Jianguo Wang, Jianming Wang [Google Scholar]

Electricity awareness and consumer demand for information
Gianluca Trotta [Google Scholar]

Financial literacy: A systematic review and bibliometric analysis
Kirti Goyal, Satish Kumar [Google Scholar]

Materialism and life satisfaction: The moderating roles of alexithymia and product retention tendency
Anna J. Vredeveld [Google Scholar]

In‐store shopping hassles: Conceptualization and classification
Jaehoon Lee, Guihan Ko [Google Scholar]

Policy‐related implementational fluidity in subsistence marketplaces
Shikha Upadhyaya [Google Scholar]