J Man


Journal of Management, 47(2)


Editorial Commentary

Hold the Torch: Shining a Light on the Lives of Black Management Faculty
Toyah L. Miller, Curtis L. Wesley, II, Myrtle P. Bell, and Derek R. Avery [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Success by Association’: The Impact of Venture Capital Firm Reputation Trend on Initial Public Offering Valuations
Salim Chahine, Igor Filatotchev, Garry D. Bruton, and Mike Wright [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Received Respect and Constructive Voice: The Roles of Proactive Motivation and Perspective Taking
Thomas W. H. Ng, Dennis Y. Hsu, and Sharon K. Parker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mind Your Language: The Effects of Linguistic Ostracism on Interpersonal Work Behaviors
John Fiset and Devasheesh P. Bhave [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ties That Bind and Grind? Investor Reactions to Politician Appointments to Corporate Boards
Omar El Nayal, J. (Hans) van Oosterhout, and Marc van Essen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Play It Again, Sam! An Analysis of Constructive Replication in the Organizational Sciences
Tine Köhler and Jose M. Cortina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Dynamic Model of the Effects of Feedback-Seeking Behavior and Organizational Commitment on Newcomer Turnover
Christian Vandenberghe, Guylaine Landry, Kathleen Bentein, Frederik Anseel, Karim Mignonac, and Patrice Roussel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]