Sustainable Orientation of Consumer Generations


COVID-19 and Crisis Impact on Global Community, Special issue of the European Journal of International Management; Deadline now 31 Mar 2021


Author: Pantea Foroudi

Special Issue: European Journal of International Management

Sustainable Orientation of Consumer Generations: COVID-19 and Crisis Impact on Global Community

Speedy the COVID-19 outbreak is disrupting the global community, which has affected the whole society around the world and will irreversibly change industries. The COVID-19 pandemic will have a much more significant influence on the world economy than the SARS epidemic in 2003 or the global financial crisis in 2008. During the pandemic, the world scrambles to battle this emergency, airline, higher education, hospitality, restaurant, tourism and businesses are knockout with direct and perhaps ongoing influence. For instance, academic had to move to online teaching and engagement, and interaction with international students are chaotic. This impacts on unpleasant and unsustainable learning-experience. Many students are facing financial hardships and face psychological and emotional issues. Also, the shopping behaviour of consumes has changed dramatically, with many people stocking up products such as hand sanitizers and toilet papers. Due to the changes, the main to achievement for global organizations is to recognize early indicators of these consumer actions and offer appropriate policy according to the existing customers’ behaviours.

Nowadays, increasing importance is attributed to the methods and activities through which a business can sustainably develop itself, can help preserve resources and provide future generations with the similar advantages and benefits enjoyed by current generations. Sustainability actions (environmental protection, the sustainability of society, etc.) are also seen as an “insurance policy” for organizations, as these actions are aimed to influencing consumers and at shaping their attitudes towards a retail chain, a certain brand or a certain location.

The purpose of this call for paper is to address to the needs of global cross-generational analysis of consumers on different markets and in different cultural contexts, their behaviours, consumption patterns, expectations and desires and compile timely responses to the sustainable development and fostering wellbeing within the community. Papers can focus on the decision making the process of consumer generations on emerging versus developed markets when buying food or non-food articles online or in physical stores etc. Given the above, the proposed special issue aims to include the following (but not limited to) topics and questions of interest in the cross-cultural study of the impact of sustainable consumer generations such as cross-generational analysis of consumers on emerging markets; green behaviour of consumer generations (Xers, Millennials, Zers etc.) towards retail stores; or sustainable online versus offline consumption behaviour of consumer generations.

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Pantea Foroudi, Middlesex University London, UK (