Corporate Branding, Identity and Reputation


The Emerald Handbook of Stakeholder Communication, Edited book; Deadline 1 Apr 2021

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Author: Pantea Foroudi

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The Emerald Handbook of Stakeholder Communication for Corporate Branding, Identity and Reputation

There has been a growing interest in the subject of stakeholders and communication in recent years amongst academics and practitioners because there is a belief that a business operating in a competitive corporate market gains reputational value from a strong corporate brand reputation which in turn influence consumer patronage and consumer decision-making. The significant role of the corporate communications is to developing and maintaining relationships with the stakeholders of a contemporary organisation. There is an extensive belief in today’s society on how the company viewed by key stakeholders such as investors, shareholders, consumers, customers, members of the community, and employees in which the company resides. The challenge is to explore new and effective ways to harness the power of the communication opportunities it presents to engage with stakeholders in interactive, immediate and innovative ways. Any successful communication campaign will include them in its strategy. We view the study of the relationship between brands, identity, internal and external stakeholders, and companies to be timely topics for further investigation. Our book, “The Emerald Handbook of Stakeholder Communication for Corporate Branding, Identity and Reputation” aims to address the following objectives:

This book will explore the multiple stakeholder audiences that brands of all types must address. Stakeholder management and communication encompasses many facets, which will be covered throughout the book. Such facets of stakeholder management and communication include strategic planning and campaign management, research and measurement, media relations, employee communication, leadership and change communication, and crisis communication. Examples from a wide range of industries and firms will be provided in order to illustrate the many dimensions of stakeholder management and theories.

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