Big Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning in Marketing


Special issue of the Journal of Informatics; : Deadline 31 Oct 2021

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Author: Devon Johnson

Big Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning in Marketing

Special Issue Introduction:

Dear Colleagues,

The ubiquity of customer data resulting from purchases being made increasingly via digital channels such as websites, digital applications and mobile phones and advances in the ability to capture data associated with virtually all transactions is revolutionizing marketing and sales. Marketers are using a variety of technologies and statistical techniques including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to gleam insights from big data and make real-time decisions. These developments are improving efficiency in how firms acquire customers and deliver customized products. Meanwhile consumer exposure to powerful personal technologies such as social media and mobile applications are changing customer shopping behavior and decision-making.

This special issue of the Journal of Informatics aims to improve understanding of the unfolding role of big data analytics (BDA), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in marketing strategy and customer decision-making.  Well-prepared papers approved for publication may be eligible for discounts at the Editorial Office’s discretion. We welcome submissions on data driven marketing related to the following topics:

  • New models and applications of predictive modelling, AI and Machine learning to marketing issues.
  • AI and data-driven decision-making implications for brand and product management
  • How big data analytics is changing personal selling and salesforce management
  • Customer data privacy and customer value personalization complementarity and trade-offs
  • Customer trust and skepticism of data-driven personalization and AI
  • Big data and AI in retailing: logistic economies, predictive personalization and customer value
  • BDA and AI implementation impact on the marketing organization and decision making
  • Big data, AI and machine learning implications for service interactions, service failure and recovery
  • The role of AI and machine learning in pricing, promotional offers and adverting
  • Ethics and social justice issues is AI and machine learning
  • Algorithm and data bias: unearthing embedded prejudices and social injustices against customers

Leading Special Editor

Devon Johnson
Associate Professor of Marketing
The Feliciano School of Business
Montclair State University, New Jersey 07043
Profiles: LinkedinMontclair State U

Interests: Big data analytics, AI and marketing strategy, services marketing, trust, skepticism, pain of paying, algorithm bias.