New Editorial Team at Mar Letters


Aparna Labroo, Natalie Mizik, and Russ Winer will be the incoming Editors-in-Chief of Marketing Letters

POSTING TYPE: Journal News

Author: Angelinal Huber-Freely

Announcing Editorial Transition at Marketing Letters 2021

Marketing Letters is pleased to announce the team of Aparna Labroo, Natalie Mizik, and Russ Winer as incoming Editors-in-Chiefs starting January 1, 2021. They will handle submissions constituting the main track of papers for the journal—5000 word empirical papers designed to quickly disseminate interesting and provocative ideas into our discipline for discussion, debate, and to spur further research.

The outgoing Editors-in-Chiefs, Peter Golder and Sandy Jap, will continue to handle all manuscripts on which they made the initial editorial decision. They will also become co-editors of the journal’s Idea Corner track, which emphasizes short 1500 word submissions that identify emerging trends.

We are also delighted to announce a new initiative for the journal and its editorial team. In 2021, we will launch Marketing Letters ’ Replication Corner track under the co-editorship of Eric Bradlow, Joel Huber, Don Lehmann, and John Lynch.

For more details, read their editorial here:

Meet our Editors:

Aparna Labroo:

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Russ Winer:

Peter Golder:

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