Journal of Marketing-MSI Special Issue


From Marketing Priorities to Research Agendas, the JM Special issue with is freely available, with commentaries

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Author: Christine Moorman

Journal of Marketing-MSI Special Issue: “From Marketing Priorities to Research Agendas”

What are the highest-impact topics for research in the marketing field? What do practitioners say they want to learn more about? What do scholars believe are the questions on which progress is most likely to be made?

Every two years the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) asks these questions of its corporate members and reports the answers as its priorities. This year, there is something new. A group of mid-career marketing academics wrote articles for peer review for the Journal of Marketing that expand on the MSI Priorities. Marketing leaders from companies and other academics were invited to read and comment on the scholars’ work. The result, we hope, will offer important insights to the field and provoke a stream of rigorous and useful research.

All the articles and commentaries are below and on the Special Issue page.


Editorial: Marketing Thinking and Doing

John A. Deighton, Carl F. Mela, and Christine Moorman
Inefficiencies in Digital Advertising Markets

Brett R. Gordon, Kinshuk Jerath, Zsolt Katona, Sridhar Narayanan, Jiwoong Shin, and Kenneth C. Wilbur

Marketing Agility: The Concept, Antecedents, and a Research Agenda

Kartik Kalaignanam, Kapil R. Tuli, Tarun Kushwaha, Leonard Lee, and David Gal

Traveling with Companions: The Social Customer Journey

Ryan Hamilton, Rosellina Ferraro, Kelly L. Haws, and Anirban Mukhopadhyay

Informational Challenges in Omnichannel Marketing: Remedies and Future Research

Tony Haitao Cui, Anindya Ghose, Hanna Halaburda, Raghuram Iyengar, Koen Pauwels, S. Sriram, Catherine Tucker, and Sriraman Venkataraman

Consumers and Artificial Intelligence: An Experiential Perspective

Stefano Puntoni, Rebecca Walker Reczek, Markus Giesler, and Simona Botti

Capturing Marketing Information to Fuel Growth

Rex Yuxing Du, Oded Netzer, David A. Schweidel, and Debanjan Mitra

Evolution of Consumption: A Psychological Ownership Framework

Carey K. Morewedge, Ashwani Monga, Robert W. Palmatier, Suzanne B. Shu, and Deborah A. Small

The editors of the Special Issue, John Deighton, Carl Mela, and Christine Moorman, will host sessions at the 2021 AMA Winter Academic Conference February 17–19 in which the authors will present, and the commentators will share their views. Sign up for the conference today.