J Mar Man


Journal of Marketing Management, 36(13/4)


Marketing and Managing Racial Dynamics – in Theory and Practice


Repetition or reckoning: confronting racism and racial dynamics in 2020
Kevin D. Thomas , Judy Foster Davis , Jonathan A.J. Wilson & Francesca Sobande [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


(Re)viewing race, the marketplace, and public space through the lens of photography
layla-roxanne hill & Francesca Sobande [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Opinion Piece

Understanding branding is demanding…
Jonathan A. J. Wilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Articles

Reproducing inequity: the role of race in the business school faculty search
Sonya A. Grier & Sonja Martin Poole [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Producing beauty ‘the hard way’: involuntary prosumption in a stigmatising context
Ana Raquel Coelho Rocha , Roberta Dias Campos , Letícia Moreira Casotti & Thaysa Costa do Nascimento [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘We are not the shoes of white supremacists’: a critical race perspective of consumer responses to brand attempts at countering racist associations
ML Wei & Benita Bunjun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Jennifer Takhar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

I need the hook-up: the impact of shared race and ethnic identity on the expectations of service quality
Nakeisha S. Ferguson , Janine L. Sanders Jones , Yuvay J. Meyers Ferguson & Amber M. Chenevert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Worth more than just its weight in gold’: Nameplate jewellery and the practice of oppositional respectability
Marcel Rosa-Salas & Isabel Flower [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Governing racial justice through standards and the birth of ‘White diversity’: a Foucauldian perspective |
Milena Doytcheva [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Critical Race Theory (CRT) and colourism: a manifestation of whitewashing in marketing communications?
Talé A. Mitchell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]