J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 51(9)



Unraveling the MNE wage premium
Khadija Straaten, Niccolò Pisani, Ans Kolk [Google Scholar]

Foreign influence, control, and indirect ownership: Implications for productivity spillovers
Sara L. McGaughey, Pascalis Raimondos, Lisbeth Cour [Google Scholar]

Taxes, institutions, and innovation: Theory and international evidence
Amar Gande, Kose John, Vinay B. Nair, Lemma W. Senbet [Google Scholar]

The effect of international takeover laws on corporate resource adjustments: Market discipline and/or managerial myopia?
James N Cannon, Bingbing Hu, Jay Junghun Lee, Daoguang Yang [Google Scholar]

Fifty years of methodological trends in JIBS: Why future IB research needs more triangulation
Bo Bernhard Nielsen, Catherine Welch, Agnieszka Chidlow, Stewart Robert Miller, Roberta Aguzzoli, Emma Gardner, Maria Karafyllia, Diletta Pegoraro [Google Scholar]

Research Note

Catching up by hiring: The case of Huawei
Kerstin J. Schaefer [Google Scholar]


The local co-evolution of firms and governments in the Information Age
Sarianna Lundan, John Cantwell [Google Scholar]

Learning in context: Grateful reflections on reflections
Daniel A. Levinthal [Google Scholar]


Searching locally and globally: Applying Daniel Levinthal’s scholarship to international business
Torben Pedersen, Marcus M Larsen, Àngels Dasí [Google Scholar]

Adaptive learning in international business
Yadong Luo [Google Scholar]

Absorptive capacity, socially enabling mechanisms, and the role of learning from trial and error experiments: A tribute to Dan Levinthal’s contribution to international business research
Arie Y Lewin, Silvia Massini, Carine Peeters [Google Scholar]

The theory and empirics of the structural reshaping of globalization
Peter J. Buckley [Google Scholar]


Methodological practices in international business research: An after-action review of challenges and solutions
Herman Aguinis, Ravi S Ramani, Wayne F Cascio [Google Scholar]


Research methods in international business: The challenge of complexity
Lorraine Eden, Bo Bernhard Nielsen [Google Scholar]