J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 167(4)



The Virtues Project: An Approach to Developing Good Leaders
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How Does Perceived Integrity in Leadership Matter to Firms in a Transitional Economy?
Yinghong Susan Wei, Hugh O’Neill, Nan Zhou [Google Scholar]

Unable to Resist the Temptation to Tell the Truth or to Lie for the Organization? Identification Makes the Difference
Carolin Baur, Roman Soucek, Ulrich Kühnen, Roy F. Baumeister [Google Scholar]

The Deliberate Engagement of Narcissistic CEOs in Earnings Management
Frerich Buchholz, Kerstin Lopatta, Karen Maas [Google Scholar]

Linguistic Markers of CEO Hubris
Vita Akstinaite, Graham Robinson, Eugene Sadler-Smith [Google Scholar]

It’s a Match: Moralization and the Effects of Moral Foundations Congruence on Ethical and Unethical Leadership Perception
Maxim Egorov, Karianne Kalshoven, Armin Pircher Verdorfer, Claudia Peus [Google Scholar]

Private Sector Corruption, Public Sector Corruption and the Organizational Structure of Foreign Subsidiaries
Michael A. Sartor, Paul W. Beamish [Google Scholar]

How Do Power and Status Differ in Predicting Unethical Decisions? A Cross-National Comparison of China and Canada
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Ayn Rand’s Objectivist Ethics Applied to Video Game Business
J. Tuomas Harviainen, Janne Paavilainen, Elina Koskinen [Google Scholar]

Do LGBT Workplace Diversity Policies Create Value for Firms?
Mohammed Hossain, Muhammad Atif, Ammad Ahmed, Lokman Mia [Google Scholar]

Rewarding Collaborative Research: Role Congruity Bias and the Gender Pay Gap in Academe
Christine Wiedman [Google Scholar]