J Con Behaviour


Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 19(6)



Special issue on Consumer Behaviour and Environmental Sustainability

Consumer behaviour and environmental sustainability
Ninh Nguyen, Lester W. Johnson [Google Scholar]

Exploring the synergy between customer home‐based and hotel‐based water consumption and conservation behaviors: An empirical approach
Elena‐Nicoleta Untaru, Ana Ispas, Heesup Han [Google Scholar]

Goal activation for sustainable consumer choices: A comparative study of Denmark and Brazil
John Thøgersen, Solange Alfinito [Google Scholar]

Nostalgia prompts sustainable product disposal
Yan Wang, Hong Tian, Emine Sarigöllü, Wei Xu [Google Scholar]

Making one’s religious self feel better about luxury use: The role of religiosity in choice of disposal option for luxury goods
Elizabeth A. Minton, Stephanie Geiger‐Oneto [Google Scholar]

Social norms and plastic avoidance: Testing the theory of normative social behaviour on an environmental behaviour
Kim Borg, Jim Curtis, Jo Lindsay [Google Scholar]

Choose to reuse: Predictors of using a reusable hot drink cup
Elizaveta Novoradovskaya, Barbara Mullan, Penelope Hasking [Google Scholar]

The impact of fast fashion retailers’ sustainable collections on corporate legitimacy: Examining the mediating role of altruistic attributions
Giorgia Miotto, Seounmi Youn [Google Scholar]

Signaling green: Investigating signals of expertise and prosocial orientation to enhance consumer trust
Stacie F. Waites, Jennifer L. Stevens, Tyler Hancock [Google Scholar]