Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 54(10)


Guest editorial
Philip J. Kitchen, Charles R. Taylor

Does one bad apple ruin a firm’s green brand image? Examining frontline service employees’ environmentally irresponsible behaviors
Lin Zhang, Jintao Wu, Honghui Chen, Bang Nguyen [Google Scholar]

Reimagining customer service through journey mapping and measurement
Charles H. Patti, Maria M. van Dessel, Steven W. Hartley [Google Scholar]

Extending the experience construct: an examination of online grocery shopping
Reema Singh, Magnus Söderlund [Google Scholar]

Construction, validation and generalization of SERVSTRESS: a measure for service induced customer stress
Subhadip Roy, Varsha Jain [Google Scholar]

Gaining satisfaction: the role of brand equity orientation and failure type in service recovery
Ke Ma, Xin Zhong, Guanghui Hou [Google Scholar]

Time lags, non-linearity and asymmetric effects in an extended service-profit chain
Gregory Strydom, Michael T. Ewing, Campbell Heggen [Google Scholar]

Addressing the Janus face of customer service: a typology of new age service failures
Charles R. Taylor, Philip J. Kitchen, Matthew E. Sarkees, Christian O. Lolk [Google Scholar]

Service gifts, collective social connection and reciprocity
Yihui (Elina) Tang, Christian Hinsch, Donald J. Lund, Husni Kharouf [Google Scholar]

A bibliometric investigation of service failure literature and a research agenda
Pantea Fouroudi, Philip J. Kitchen, Reza Marvi, Tugra Nazli Akarsu, Helal Uddin [Google Scholar]

Introducing the socialbot: a novel touchpoint along the young adult customer journey
Carolyn Wilson-Nash, Amy Goode, Alice Currie [Google Scholar]

The impact of collective brand personification on happiness and brand loyalty
Dominique Braxton, Loraine Lau-Gesk [Google Scholar]

Management response to negative comments, psychological distance and product nature: a consumer perspective
Chundong Zheng, Liping Yuan, Xuemei Bian, Han Wang, Lei Huang [Google Scholar]

Inferred respect: a critical ingredient in customer satisfaction
Laurence Ashworth, Maureen A. Bourassa [Google Scholar]