Frontlines in Crisis


The Organizational Frontlines Interest Group, along with JSR and JAMS, solicit submissions to a Research Competition; Deadline 15 Dec 2020


Author: Todd Arnold

Organizational Frontlines Interest Group announces…

in partnership with the Journal of Service Research and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

 “Frontlines-in-Crisis” Research Competition:  Multiple Prizes, $1500 each

 The OF Interest Group has held a research symposium to precede the AMA Winter Educators conference for the past several years. This year, due to Covid-19 challenges, the 2021 symposium is cancelled. In an effort to continue to advance OF research and engage OF community in these trying times, OFR is sponsoring a special “themed” competition for early- and mid-career scholars (< 10 yrs post-Ph.D.) in any field of specialization.

The “Frontlines-in-Crisis” theme is developed in partnership with the Journal of Service Research (JSR) and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing (JAMS) to recognize the role of frontlines in times of disruption and crisis.  The theme is broad and concerns issues that range from how frontlines involve critical capabilities in fast-changing environments to how frontlines are challenged by unprecedented market disruptions.

The JSR and JAMS differ in their focus, but share a common interest with OFR in advancing scholarship that addresses the Frontlines-in-Crisis theme.  The JSR just published Editorials on Frontline Employees and Service Safety during COVID-19 Pandemic.  The JAMS has published several recent articles that highlight Frontline-in-Crisis topics including brand transgressions, trust and market turbulence, and value co-destruction.  The joint partnership with JSR and JAMS reflects that OFR interests cross boundaries and disciplines.

Finalists will be invited to submit a full-length research article to JSR or JAMS for publication consideration.

Submissions (15-page limit) are invited by December 15, 2020 that…

  • Address any topic within the frontline “crisis” theme, broadly defined.
  • 15 pages (maximum, all-inclusive), double spaced detailing research questions & significance, theory & hypotheses, research design/methodology, and (expected) results.
  • Papers accepted for publication or at advanced stages of review (2nd, 3rd round, etc.) are not
  • Submissions will be eligible for a $1500 cash prize. Multiple awards available.  Researchers of any rank or position are invited to submit a paper.
  • Finalists will be honored virtually in a recognition ceremony involving invited, prominent OF scholars. Presentation date February 18, 2021.
  • Access to OFR network to support research. Priority invitation to future Organizational Frontline Research Symposia.
  • Deadline for submission: December 15, 2020 with winners notified by January, 2021.

Submissions clearly marked for the Frontlines-in-Crisis theme (and questions/requests) should be sent via email to Todd Arnold at Oklahoma State University (

Organizational Frontlines (OF) is the study of interactions and interfaces at the point-of-contact between an organization and its customers that promote, facilitate, or enable value creation and exchange.  Technological advances at the intersection of frontline interactions and interfaces are disrupting how organizations connect with their customers. The purpose of this competition is to foster theoretical and empirical research in this emergent area.

Supported by… Center for Services Leadership (ASU), Center for Sales Excellence at the University of Nebraska, Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute at the University of Houston, Groningen Digital Business Centre at the University of Groningen, Center for Business Analytics, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia, Reynolds & Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute, Texas A&M University, and Center for Sales and Service Excellence, Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University