A Reminder about the 2020 Job Market


Hold on a bit!


Author: ELMAR Moderator

I may have been premature with this reminder. Hold off on reading this for a bit! A new announcement is likely coming.

With apologies, –ch

You might recall that the AMA Academic Council postponed face-to-face (or physical) doctoral student interviews originally scheduled for this year’s Summer AMA Conference. Instead, those interviews will be held at the upcoming Winter Academic Conference in St Petersburg, Florida (February 20-23, 2021).

I would recommend that institutions carefully specify on their job advertisement (also known as the job document) whether they will be doing face-to-face interviewing and at which event(s) they will do such interviewing. Similarly applicants should make sure they are aware of when, where and if institutions will be interviewing in person.

I imagine that many of us are hopeful that interviewing will return to its “standard schedule” in August 2021.