Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 41(13)


Identifying internal markets for resource redeployment
Teresa A. Dickler, Timothy B. Folta [Google Scholar]

Converting inventions into innovations in large firms: How inventors at Xerox navigated the innovation process to commercialize their ideas
Natalya Vinokurova, Rahul Kapoor [Google Scholar]

Knowledge, routines, and cognitive effects in nonmarket selection environments: An examination of the regulatory review of innovations
Francisco Polidoro Jr. [Google Scholar]

From litigation to innovation: Firms’ ability to litigate and technological diversification through human capital
Martin Ganco, Cameron D. Miller, Puay Khoon Toh [Google Scholar]

Strategic behavior by market intermediaries
Daniel M. Olson, David M. Waguespack [Google Scholar]

Activist hedge fund success: The role of reputation
Margarethe Wiersema, Albert Ahn, Yu Zhang [Google Scholar]

What do multiple objectives really mean for performance? Empirical evidence from the French manufacturing sector
Tomasz Obloj, Metin Sengul [Google Scholar]

Selling your soul to the devil? The importance of independent ownership to identity distinctiveness for oppositional categories
Blake D. Mathias, Annelore Huyghe, David W. Williams [Google Scholar]