JM Webinar


Journal of Marketing Webinar, 19 Nov 2020


Author: Christine Moorman

Join the next Journal of Marketing webinar on November 19 at 1PM EST [UTC-5]. Two forthcoming papers will be featured.

“Maximizing the Effectiveness of AI Coaches for Sales Agents” presented by Xueming Luo and Marco Shaojun Qin, both of Temple University. Many companies now turn to artificial intelligence (AI) to provide sales agents with coaching services. AI coaches are computer software solutions that leverage deep learning algorithms and cognitive speech analytics to analyze sales agents’ conversations with customers and provide feedback to improve their job skills. While efficiently providing targeted knowledge, such coaches can also overload trainees and lack the empathy to fully connect with them. This forthcoming paper from the Journal of Marketing uses field experiments with companies to understand how AI sales coaches can be deployed to maximize their sales effectiveness.

“Caring for the Commons: Strategies to Enhance Stewardship of our Public Lands” presented by Joann Peck (University of Wisconsin) and Andrea Luangrath (University of Iowa). Public goods, such as parks, waterways, drinking water, and air quality, require the collective efforts of citizens to be environmentally sustainable. This forthcoming paper from the Journal of Marketing identifies a simple psychological mechanism that can be used to increase stewardship behaviors for the benefit of such public goods. Through a set of powerful field experiments, the paper shows that increasing users’ psychological ownership, or feelings that a public good is “MINE,” increases consumers’ care of that good. This webinar will offer tips regarding easy-to-implement strategies to use in environmental and other nonprofit ventures to increase participation in such campaigns, including picking up trash, volunteering to help, promoting the park on social media, and providing donations.

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